Saturday, 26 May 2012

Current Life

I finally blog ! Sorry for neglecting my blog for 2 weeks , i just dont know what to blog sometime . Anyway , back to my topic , i'm currently having my second last semester which are a short semester . I always thought that i will be super busy during short semester , yet i don't know why , but i still quite free and doesn't feel stress yet . But for sure begin next week i will start feeling the stress , because i starting my thesis next semester . Talk about my thesis , i feel so glad that my thesis supervisor is the lecturer that i propose , Mr. Azmir , at least i can communicate with him , and he is quite a good and experienced lecturer . Can't wait to start and finish my thesis . But i don't like the new rule set by my university department, which are we have a presentation for our thesis . But if i finish my thesis this semester , i doesn't need to present , which i may challenged myself to finish thesis in 7 weeks if possible .So , i will take a break from attending event as i want to concentrate on my studies . I will still blog once in a while . I cant wait to see the status of "completion of study " . Oh yea , i will have my internship right after this semester final exam , and will have my final semester right after my internship , hope that i can cope with it . Good luck to everyone who taking thesis and internship this semester ! 

So yeah , that's my current life , it will be all about studies . 

By the way , i found out that i look the same all this while when i look back at my photo . 

What do you think ? 

Just in case you forgot how i look , here's the latest me . 

Thanks for reading,bye ! 


  1. LOLLL. seriously same. xD good luck for your studies! all the best! add oil >< i also need to add oil

  2. haha! nice before and after photo! =P by the way, good luck for ur new sem!! :)

  3. nicccchang : hahaha ! Glad that my look doesn't change. Thanks thanks ! All the best and good luck for your studies too ! Gambateh ! =D

    Xue Ren : Thanks ! =D Good luck and all the best for your studies too ! Gambateh ! =D

  4. if quite free then why ajak tak keluar XD hahas next time must come out ya~

    Latest: Matcha, Goma and Fruity Sushi

  5. Fish : haha , lazy to go out for event dy.If yumcha and meet up okay 1 . =D

  6. Good luck and all the best on your thesis :D Hope all is well for you!