Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵 头 (2012)

Thanks to Yuberactive , i get to attend the Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵头 at Pavillion on yesterday night . 

The event started with a drum performance at 7.30pm at Pavillion Bukit Bintang Entrance .

Emcee for the night : 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

Before the drum performance , there were a short game session to win Gala Premiere of Din Tao 阵 头 ticket .

Next , the drum performance begin . 

Here's a video of the drum performance by the drummer . 

At about 7.40pm , the actor , actress and the director of the movie reached Pavillion.

From left : 冯凯 (Director) , Alan Kuo 柯有伦 (Main Actor) ,Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ( Main Actress )

Alan Kuo柯有伦 and Crystal Lin 林雨宣 also join in and played the drum with the drummer . 

Here's a video of the drum performance by Alan Kuo柯有伦 and Crystal Lin 林雨宣 with the drummer . 

A group photo before they went up for the Gala Premiere . From left :  Alan Kuo柯有伦 , 冯凯 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 

After that , i went up to the GSC Pavillion cinema to wait for the red carpet event . 

The Stage 

Thanks to Taiwan Recipe for sponsor the movie , we get to drink a cup of Taiwan Recipe Pearl Milk Tea . 

While waiting for the red carpet event to start , i took a photo with the beautiful and friendly emcee , 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

At 8.30pm , the red carpet event started . 

The emcee , 988 DJ : YinYin 盈盈

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 and 冯凯

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the emcee.

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the five lucky contest winner

From left : Alan Kuo柯有伦 , Crystal Lin 林雨宣 ,冯凯, and the movie sponsors 

At 9pm , we went in to watch the movie . 

导演 Director:冯凯 Kai Feng
演员 Actor:
 Alan Kuo 柯有伦,黄鸿升 Hung-Sheng Huang,林雨宣 Yuxuan Lin,刘品言 Esther,廖峻 Jun Liao,陈博正 Bok Jing Chan,李李仁 Liren Li.陶晶莹 Jingying Tao,柯淑勤 Shu-qin Ke,郑志伟 Zhi-wei Zheng,吴勇滨 Yong Bing Wu。



Ah-Tai (Alan Kuo) was born and raised in one of Taichung’s most notable Din-Tao troupes. His father (Chen Bo Zheng) had deemed him a good-for-nothing since his childhood days. Ah-Tai’s rebellious streak had strained their father-son relationship as such. With a stroke of chance, Ah-Tai is unintentionally appointed the leader of the troupe. This resulted in suspicions and distrust arising from both troupe members and the rival troupe led by Ah-Xian (Alien Huang). Ah-Tai decides to prove his worth by embarking on a performance journey across Taiwan with his young troupe members. This coming-of-age tale hopes to ignite the waning interests of Din Tao traditions through one man’s vision and the value of family bonds.

My Personal Review 

阵头也许对我们马来西亚人不熟悉因为它是台湾的一种文化,但是你看了阵头这部戏,你就会明白阵头了。阵头是一部很好笑,温馨,充满活力以及感动人心的戏。从阵头这部戏,我学到的是团结就是力量,只要有恒心以及不放弃,我们一定会成功的。阵头这部戏的主要语言是福建,而且几个时常演台湾福建戏的资深演员也有参与这部戏 ,让这部戏更值得看。还有这部戏是真人真事噢。想要知道一个被看低的阵头团体如何变成一个成功的阵头团体吗?想要知道一个从不被父亲认同的儿子如何让他的父亲骄傲吗?想要知道两个视对方为敌人的阵头团体如何和好吗?那就一定要去看阵头了!阵头将在5月17号全国电影院上映。相信我,阵头真的是一部很值得观赏的戏!记得去看哦!

Din Tao maybe seems unfamiliar to Malaysian as it is a type of 
Taiwan culture , but after you watch the movie , Din Tao , i am sure you will understand what is Din Tao . Din Tao is a hillarious , heartwarming and touching movie . From this movie , i learned that unity is power , an if we nevr give up , we will success . This movie main language is Hokkien , there are a few experienced actor who always act in Taiwanese Hokkien drama acted in this movie , making it a plus point that this movie is worth to watch . This movie is based on true story yo. Want to know how a Din Tao team who always look down by other Din Tao became a sucessful team at last? Want to know how a son who always been look down by his father finally make his father proud ? Want to know how two enemy Din Tao team finally became friend again ? Then you must not miss Din Tao . Din Tao will be up in all the cinema in Malaysia on 17 May 2012 . Din Tao is really a movie that very worth to watch ! So , remember to go watch Din Tao ya ! 

Movie Review by jayrenthezompire , 
Thanks for reading ! 


  1. wao, so nice de, watch movie plus can drink milk tea....

  2. Nikel Khor : go watch it in cinema then ! =D
    Jia Ying : yeap , cause the milk tea company sponsor the movie . =D