Friday, 4 May 2012


Ever heard of GeorgPeck  ? If you answer is never , it's okay , as GeorgPeck  is still quite new in Malaysia . GeorgPeck  is a healthy drink shop from Taiwan . Why GeorgPeck  ? Georg is the name of the boss , the person who establish and open this drink shop , Peck means a gentle kiss , Georg believe in life that we should kiss a natural and healthy drink to awake our lame and unenergized brain to enjoy and satisfy our daily life .

With a dream , Georg open Peck Coffee Shop at Taiwan on the year 2007 . GeorgPeck  born on the year 2010 at Taiwan and it became a brand . On the year 2012 , GeorgPeck enter Malaysia market and the first GeorgPeck  had been open at Sunway Pyramid .  

GeorgPeck emphasized their product quality , every ingredient for their product are imported from Taiwan . Only the fresh fruit are imported from Cameron Highland . 

GeorgPeck use South Africa  high class coffee bean to brew their coffee.

Thanks to Ivy , i get to try GeorgPeck with another few blogger on yesterday night . Below were the drink we tried . 

This drink is delicious , definitely a good choice for chocalate lover . 

This is a very refreshing drink , it definitely quench your thirst . The passion fruit taste is strong , mixed up with green tea , the taste is just awesome . 

A sweet and sour drink , with strong honey taste that help soothe your throat , this is definitely a good choice of drinks during a hot day.

Fresh juice made from fresh fruit , definitely a healthy drink for everyone . 

This is definitely a must try drink , the strong taste of tomato is really special and tasty . Drink this , and you will instantly feel healthy .  

A healthy tea with passion fruit , another tasty drink . 

Those who love coffee and cappuccino will definitely love to drink this , the coffee taste is strong and tasty .

This drink is a bit too creamy for me but it taste nice .

This is the bestseller , this is another must try drink . The plum taste is nice , sweet and sour . It is not that sour as the plum had cover up the lemon taste . 

This drink had a strong mocha taste , a great choice for mocha lover.

This is another must try drink , the chocalate used is dark chocalate , the taste is bitter yet tasty . This is really a special drink . It taste similar to Vico . 

The Taro Yam taste is just nice , not too sweet , it is so delicious . 

The pearl is imported from Taiwan . This is their signature milk tea , it is not too sweet , just nice and the right taste for everyone . The quantity of pearl and the drink is same as well, so , you can slowly eat the pearl and enjoy the milk tea . 

This drink is too milky for me , but for those who like milky stuff , this drink is definitely for you . 

For me , this drink taste a bit weird , but it is another bestseller , so go try it and judge it yourself .

For all the drink , you can choose your own sugar option and ice option . And you can add RM1 to add extra ingredient like Pearl , Coconut Jelly , Pudding , Grass Jelly , Aiyu , Aloe Vera , and Red Bean.

There's cooler bag sold at RM15.90 for one at GeorgPeck too , it can keep your drink cold for 2 hours . If you buy 2 GeorgPeck drink , you can buy the cooler bag at RM9.90 .

The friendly owner - Red Ong and Jessie Lee

The blogger with the owner

Are you Peck ? Faster head to GeorgPeck at F1.AV135 , Asian Avenue , Sunway Pyramid to try their healthy drinks . GeorgPeck is not your normal milk tea , it is a truly healthy and refreshing drink .  Let's cheer ! Yum Seng ! 

Beverages review by Jayren The Zompire , 
Thanks for reading ! 


  1. The signature one begins with Tomato honey juice!

  2. Nikel : haha , mine didnt follow sequence 1 . lol

  3. look so yummy!!!! too bad no outlets in penang. :-/

  4. Meitzeu : Yes yes , new place to chill ! =D

    nicccchang : wait wait , maybe future got le , come KL la ! =D

  5. interesting! any idea why they chose south african coffee?

  6. aku rindu sama itu tomato drink!!!

  7. Missyblurkit : because they see starbuck as their dream , they want to be like starbuck . Starbuck also use the same coffee bean if i not mistaken . =D

    Eunice : Saya tahu kan ! Saya juga rindu itu tomato juice ! Pergi minum la ! haha =

  8. would love to try it out someday ^^