Friday, 15 June 2012

黑 和 白 Black and White



因为在我们人生中,本来都已经有很多黑和白,出生,结婚 , 到 去世 都 需要 黑 和 白。

也许只是黑和白的世界会更美好,它会减少不必要的种族问题,因为没有了颜色,每个人都是一样 , 我们也不会带颜视人。

If you realize that there is no more colour in the world, only black and white . What will you do ?

I don't think it will be a big influence to me , my life will still goes on .

This is because there are so many black and white throughout our life . We need black and white when we are born , married and until we passed away . 

Maybe the world will be nicer without colour will be better . It will help to reduce the unnecessary racist problem . Because with only black and white and no colour , everyone will be the same , we will not use different colour to see different people . 


  1. hmmm what if in a black and white world, racism goes on in the form of white good and black bad or vice versa? but in a world of black and white, i think it will push is creatively:D

  2. No colour?? it would be lifeless lehhh :(

  3. Missyblurkit : Your point true also la . haha

    Kelvin : haha , be creative and imagine our own colour la . =D

    Xue Ren : Colour is just part of our life , without colour , we still live our life yo ! =D