Tuesday, 5 June 2012

How to survive a 8am class

Here's my way of how to survive a 8am class :

1. Make sure that you get enough sleep .  I always sleep at 9pm the night before , latest by 10pm . 8 hour sleep , and wake up at 6am . Then you will got more time to bath and get ready instead of rushing .

2. Get out from house at 6am to avoid all the jam . It's nice to speed all the way in the morning and
    feel  the fresh wind .  Trust me , you will be more sleepy and frustrated if you are stuck in a jam ,
    and it will  make your morning turn bad .
3. Ensure that you get a parking at your uni car park if you drive .  You can choose where to park when you reach early . I get my nice spot of car park everyday . Because when you wake up late , and you are late to university and can't find a car park , you will be frustrated and your morning will turn bad too .

4. After you park your car , you can rest for a while in your car .

5. After you rest enough , take a morning walk to your university , you will feel more fresh after a morning walk . As my university is at another building but quite near to the car park i park , so i usually walk to my university every morning , it is so nice to feel the morning fresh air and wind .

6. Make sure that you eat breakfast before class , it will wake you up and give you energy to concentrate  in your 8am class . I usually have nasi lemak and teh ais as my breakfast , it give me energy to survive 8am class .

7. Get newspaper and read it , it is good to know some daily and latest news and it help to make you relax a bit .

8. If you reach early in class and the lecturer is not at class yet  , read the lecture notes and try to understand what he/she will teach in the 8am class. It will be a benefit for you as you can ask the lecturer if you got question and you can answer your lecturer question too if he/she ask .

9. Check your facebok / twitter ! It's always good to give yourself some entertainment before class , at least it will make you not so stress and rest your mind first before class .

10. Wish everyone good morning ! And you will get good morning wish back from others too . It always good to greet others and greet by others . That will make your day a great day .

11.  Annoy your friend and talk some lame morning jokes , it will cheer up your friend and cheer yourself up too !

Lastly, start your day with a smile ! A smile will make your day a happy day .

Now , i'm at my class waiting for the class to start , me and my friend are the earliest to reach the class .

Good Morning everyone ! Have a great Tuesday !

Thanks for reading ! =D


  1. thanks for ur advices jayren! :)

  2. Xue Ren : You are welcome ! sharing is caring ! =D

  3. good advice. Applies to working people too!