Saturday, 16 June 2012

反射 Reflection

一个简单的镜子在我们的生活里,扮演一个很重要的角色 , 它反射我们。




勇敢的照镜子吧 , 只要 看清楚自己 , 我们就会了解自己多一点 , 我们才会进步.

A mirror may be simple , but it play an important role in our life . It reflect us .

It let us see ourself more clearly , and it also helps to change us . 

Girl use it to make up , to make themself beautiful .

Guy use it to gel up their hair , to make themself more handsome . 

Be brave and face the mirror , because when we see ourself clearly , we will understand ourself more , then we only can improve ourself . 

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