Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How I Step Up with Nuffnang

If i got the chance to create my own flash mob , there's few consideration that i have to consider and decide . First is the place that i going to held my flash mob . I will held the flash mob at KL Sentral and  KLIA  . Want to know why i want to held my flash mob in this few places , then continue read as i reveal it below .

Next is the people that going to participate in the flash mob . Everyone is welcome to join my flash mob . 

Next is the theme of my flash mob . The theme of my flash mob is relationship . Here's my first flash mob suggestion. Here's how my flash mob will start . In the busy train station , KL Sentral , a young guy will suddenly shout " Please don't leave me darling ! " to his girlfriend to get the attention of everyone . Then , suddenly the KL Sentral station will be live up with live love  music.  The young guy will start singing Jason Mraz " I wont give up " to his girlfriend. The staircase towards the station is made like piano where it create piano tone sound when you step on it , while the handle of staircase is made of guitar string , so when you hold it , it will strum like guitar music . Then more people enter the station , some dance on the staircase and play piano while some will strum the guitar . The whole flash mob will only be 5 minute . Then at last , the young girlfriend say goodbye to the young guy and everyone just walk away from the station like normal . 

My second flashmob suggestion is at KLIA  . The flash mob will start with a young boy and girl singing " You raise me up " to his parents , then slowly more and more young boy and girl join in  sing and dance to their parents as well . The flash mob will be like 5 minute , then the young boy and girl will leave to the departure hall , and the parents will leave KLIA .

So yeah , that's how i going to organize my own flash mob. All my flash mob will be related to relationship.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


INTERNSHIP ! Yes , it may just be a 10 alphabet word , but being a student who never really work before ( okay , i do work before as part time promoter and at office before ) , i tend to be worried of what the task i will be given , whether i can perform well in the task given , fear of being scolded for being a stupid intern who cannot do a simple thing . Turn out all the thing that i worry and fear is just unnecessary .The company i intern with is so nice and comfortable . Every morning , there are a nice scenery for me to enjoy before starting work . There are free Nescafe , Milo , Coffee , Teh Tarik for me to drink at any time during the day at work just by pressing a single button .  I can save three day of money for breakfast as there are free breakfast prepared by the company on Monday , Wednesday , and Friday. The colleagues in the company that i intern are all so friendly and nice , they introduced themself to me and teach me on the things that i don't know or not quite sure with . There are not much limitation and restriction from the company , as long as i finish all my task on time , i can do anything i want in the company , there are total freedom . That's how awesome my company are !  I am an intern that being treated like a permanent worker which is good as i can gain more experience. I'm glad that i am hand full with task given by the company rather than doing nothing , because the whole point of having internship is to gain experience . I am trying my best to perform well in all the task and project given so that i will have a good portfolio on my resume that enable me to get a good job in future after i graduated . I am enjoying my internship , nothing beats working at the job that i enjoy so much.  I will be fully concentrated on my work now until spetember , hence the dissapearance at events . After this update , i might not know when will be the next update , so all the best and good luck to everyone in whatever you do ! Most importantly , enjoy your life ! And thanks for those who still read my blog ( which i doubt that who will be even reading now) despite that it had been abandoned for months , you all are the one who motivate me to never ever give up on blogging ! 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Be an Organ Donor now !

Ever wondered how hopeless you feel when you know that you can be saved yet there’s no suitable organ for you ? That’s how 13,000 Malaysian feel , they only can wait for their life to end just like that . Life is unpredictable , you may say that you are still okay today , but you will not know what happen tomorrow. So , in order to ensure that there’s suitable organ for you , you must act and involved in organ donation . As Malaysian like to follow what their friends and family do , they will also follow your act and pledge to be an organ donor . If you want others to pledge as an organ donor , you yourself must do it first . Your act will surely influence and encourage others to do so . With more people pledge as an organ donor in Malaysia , your survival chance will be higher and there will be changes in a lot of people’s lives. Sharing is caring ,you will feel good that someone will be able to continue using your heart , kidneys , lungs , pancreas , liver , corneas, skin  and  bones . It helps you to survive in another form and will be able to serve as a memories to your loved ones . Your organ may also help some people to get a new and colourful life. So , please lend your helping hand to the people that in needs . It’s very easy to help , you just need a few step to be an organ donor.   You just need to go to here and fill up the form , then just pass it to National Transplant Resource Centre at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Then , you will get a organ donation card that makes you an official organ donor . It’s that simple , so act now ! Pledge to be an organ donor now ! Your act can change a lot of life !

Please support and like  Don’t Feed The Bugs facebook page , Friends 4 Organ Donation. It’s for a good cause , your support means a lot to Don’t Feed The Bugs and Friends 4 Organ Donation . Most importantly , spread the word ! 

For more information , Here's an organ donation campaign commercial made by Don’t Feed The Bugs , an organization that support Organ Donation .

Thanks for reading !