Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Be an Organ Donor now !

Ever wondered how hopeless you feel when you know that you can be saved yet there’s no suitable organ for you ? That’s how 13,000 Malaysian feel , they only can wait for their life to end just like that . Life is unpredictable , you may say that you are still okay today , but you will not know what happen tomorrow. So , in order to ensure that there’s suitable organ for you , you must act and involved in organ donation . As Malaysian like to follow what their friends and family do , they will also follow your act and pledge to be an organ donor . If you want others to pledge as an organ donor , you yourself must do it first . Your act will surely influence and encourage others to do so . With more people pledge as an organ donor in Malaysia , your survival chance will be higher and there will be changes in a lot of people’s lives. Sharing is caring ,you will feel good that someone will be able to continue using your heart , kidneys , lungs , pancreas , liver , corneas, skin  and  bones . It helps you to survive in another form and will be able to serve as a memories to your loved ones . Your organ may also help some people to get a new and colourful life. So , please lend your helping hand to the people that in needs . It’s very easy to help , you just need a few step to be an organ donor.   You just need to go to here and fill up the form , then just pass it to National Transplant Resource Centre at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Then , you will get a organ donation card that makes you an official organ donor . It’s that simple , so act now ! Pledge to be an organ donor now ! Your act can change a lot of life !

Please support and like  Don’t Feed The Bugs facebook page , Friends 4 Organ Donation. It’s for a good cause , your support means a lot to Don’t Feed The Bugs and Friends 4 Organ Donation . Most importantly , spread the word ! 

For more information , Here's an organ donation campaign commercial made by Don’t Feed The Bugs , an organization that support Organ Donation .

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  2. I support you, your cause and your pledge!