Tuesday, 24 July 2012

How I Step Up with Nuffnang

If i got the chance to create my own flash mob , there's few consideration that i have to consider and decide . First is the place that i going to held my flash mob . I will held the flash mob at KL Sentral and  KLIA  . Want to know why i want to held my flash mob in this few places , then continue read as i reveal it below .

Next is the people that going to participate in the flash mob . Everyone is welcome to join my flash mob . 

Next is the theme of my flash mob . The theme of my flash mob is relationship . Here's my first flash mob suggestion. Here's how my flash mob will start . In the busy train station , KL Sentral , a young guy will suddenly shout " Please don't leave me darling ! " to his girlfriend to get the attention of everyone . Then , suddenly the KL Sentral station will be live up with live love  music.  The young guy will start singing Jason Mraz " I wont give up " to his girlfriend. The staircase towards the station is made like piano where it create piano tone sound when you step on it , while the handle of staircase is made of guitar string , so when you hold it , it will strum like guitar music . Then more people enter the station , some dance on the staircase and play piano while some will strum the guitar . The whole flash mob will only be 5 minute . Then at last , the young girlfriend say goodbye to the young guy and everyone just walk away from the station like normal . 

My second flashmob suggestion is at KLIA  . The flash mob will start with a young boy and girl singing " You raise me up " to his parents , then slowly more and more young boy and girl join in  sing and dance to their parents as well . The flash mob will be like 5 minute , then the young boy and girl will leave to the departure hall , and the parents will leave KLIA .

So yeah , that's how i going to organize my own flash mob. All my flash mob will be related to relationship.