Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Little things that matters to me in my life

There are some little things that other people may not care about , but to me these little things matters a lot to me . 

1. A handmade card 

It takes a lot of effort to make a card . The handmade card show that they care for you. I really appreciate all the hand-make card send by my friend , i keep it carefully in my study desk shelf . This handmade card is given by one of my friend , Teri during 2010 Christmas . Nowadays , i hardly receive handmade card . I would be happy to receive a handmade card once in a while . 

2. Photo

Every photo means a lot to me . Each of the photo tells the story of my life . 

3. A short note 

I also appreciate a short note . It means a lot to me . It is an encouragement to me . 

4. Magnet

My family actually collect magnet . Everywhere we go , we will sure buy a magnet back and stick on the fridge . So yeah , every magnet record the country and place that we travel to before . So it really matters to me.

5. Premiere Screening Movie Ticket

I keep all the Nuffnang and Churp Churp Premiere Screening Movie Ticket . These ticket matters to me as each of the ticket tell different story and it is part of my Nuffnang and Churp Churp journey . 

So yeah , these are some of the little things that matters to me in my life . How about you ? What are the little things that matters to you in your life ? Do share with me . 

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Monday, 27 August 2012

My Morning before Work

Here are some of  the things that i do every morning before work . 

1. Turn on my radio and listen to Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew while stuck in the jam to my office . 

Photo credited to FlyFM 

It's like a must thing to listen to Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew everyday , it really affects my whole day mood and emotion .  I like the Radio Video segment , it is funny to listen to the Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew DJ singing a song to describe a music video.I also love to listen to the Judge Hakim segment where Judge Hakim will solve a case . It's so entertaining and funny .It really help to destress myself  while stuck in the jam . It just make my mood so much better . 

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

2 piece of bread with Sardines


It's important to have breakfast to ensure that i am full and have the energy to start working . 

3. Read newspaper and enjoy my hot Milo

 There are free The Sun newspaper everyday at my office

Is a must to drink a cup of hot  Milo every morning

4. Wish everyone good morning on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing everyone Good Morning will cheer up everyone days . I do hope that i make everyone smile . 

5. Watch Youtube video 

Yes , today i watch Gangnam - Super Kampung style , parody by Fly FM Deejays just released this morning. I am currently addicted to Oppa Gangnam Style song . The song and the dance is so catchy , it actually hype up my mood for the day .

After listen to Gangnam - Super Kampung style , i am so ready and energized to start work !

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Paranorman (2012)

Thanks to Nuffnang , i get to watch Paranorman at GSC 1 Utama on yesterday night . 

Norman is a boy who can speak to ghost and zombie . Everyone in a small town think that he is an abnormal freak . But he is also the only person that can save the small town from a centuries-old curse. Can he save the small town from a centuries-old curse ?

My Personal Review 
This movie is funny and entertaining . This movie is a movie that worth to watch . The stop motion animation is nice . This movie will destress you after work or study , you will definitely come out from the cinema with a smile . Paranorman will be out in the cinema on 16 August 2012 , so do remember to go watch ya ! 

Note : I am not a movie reviewer . This review is merely my own personal movie review . If you need a better and detailed movie review of this movie , you can check out the movie review from the professional movie reviewer on the internet.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Milo

I drink Milo twice everyday , sometime even three time . I know i cannot drink so much Milo a day as it is sweet , i will easily get diabetes . But i just can't help it , i addicted to Milo and i just love it so much ! 

2. Maggi Mee 

I know eating too much of Maggi Mee is not healthy , but when midnight i am hungry and my house only got Maggi Mee , so just eat la . Better than eating nothing right ? and eating Maggi Mee Kari letup on a rainy night is even better ! 

3. GTA San Andreas

I can stay up late at night just to complete the GTA San Andreas game mission eventhough i know the next morning i need to wake up early to attend class . 

I can own sport cars in GTA San Andreas game .

I can drive sport cars and break all the rules in GTA San Andreas game .

I like to kill pedestrian and police in GTA San Andreas game to release my stress .

4. Harry Potter 

I am a crazy Harry Potter fan , i read all the Harry Potter series and i watch all the Harry Potter movie . 

5. Mint Flavour Chocalate 

Photo credit to  festivalchocolate.co.uk

I love to eat mint flavour chocolate . Although i easily get sore throat , but i dont care , i just eat it first .

6. Soft Drinks 

I always drink soft drinks  whenever i want to drink . i actually have gastric , and often i regret after i drink the soft drink as i will get gastric after that . But who care , we only live once .

7. Cili Padi 

I have a habit of eating fried rice , fried meehoon , maggi goreng and fried mee with Cili Padi . I love Cili Padi . 

8. Drive fast 

I know driving fast is dangerous . But every morning , i just like to drive fast just to reach my destination earlier so that i can take a short nap before class or work. But no worries , i drive fast and safely.

9.  Annoy people with lame jokes 

Almost every morning during my last semester , i will always annoyed my friend with lame jokes after breakfast . Ask my uni classmates , Amelia and you will know how her brain tired and cannot compute my lame jokes every morning . 

10. Honey 

As i easily get sore throat after eating fried stuff , biscuit or spicy stuff , my mum bought me Manuka Honey which car soothen my throat . So , i always drink honey after eat too much of fried stuff , biscuit , or spicy stuff . I know it's sweet and i should not drink too much of honey , but it soothen my throat and i feel better after drinking the honey .

So yea , that's my ten guilty pleasures . 

Note : This post is merely my own opinion and my own guilty pleasures . I am sorry if it offend you in any way . 

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Being single is awesome

Who say being single means lonely ? i would say the opposite , being single is awesome . Why i say so ?

1. I get all the freedom . I can always buy what i want.  I can always watch the movie i want to watch. I can eat what i want . I can stay at the bookshop whole day and read all the book i want . I can do anything i want . I have the luxurious freedom. 

2. I learn to be tough and become more stronger . I realized that i alone can do a lot of things.

3. I get to know who are my true and real friends . 

4, I have more time to focus on my study and work .

5. I can save more money . I just need to spend for myself . 

6. I get to find my own happiness by doing the thing i like . 

7. I have more time to spend with my family . The family bonding become stronger because they are always the one you rely on . I realized the importance of have a family and will never neglect them again . 

8.  I become hardworking and focus on all my priority  to achieve all my goals and dreams to be a better person.

9. I love myself more and take good care of myself .

10.  I can always arrange my own time,own schedule and own plan .  I own my life.

Remember , what doesn't kill you make you stronger . When you losing something, it also means that you are achieving something . Who say being single is sucks and lonely . I say being single is awesome . I enjoying my single life now . Love will come when it comes . There's no hurry to love someone . It's more lonely when you love someone because you are lonely . While at the mean time , i will grow up , learn more thing , make myself mature , earn more money , finish my studies and have a career . I want to be a responsible boyfriend when love comes. 

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Working life

As you all know , i am now doing my internship . So , today i going to share with you all my daily life of working life .

Every morning , i woke up at 6.30am , then prepare my self and out from house at about 6.40am. Then ,i reach the open car park near my office building at 7.10am. The open car park is quite cheap , RM4 per entry only .

Then , i will nap in the car until 8.20am and walk to my office . 

 This is my office building , Wisma LYL 

  This is my office 

The Office 

My working desk

After putting down my bag,  i will went out to the balcony to enjoy the nice scenery and fresh air.
 Nice scenery right ? 

After that , it's time for breakfast ! Company provide free breakfast for us . We eat our breakfast at the Pantry .

The Pantry 

There are bread 

There are cereal , milk , fruit juice , baked beans , butter , jam , Nutella , Sardines , egg and peanut butter as well

This is my breakfast , bread with sardines and cereal .

After breakfast , is time to work ! 

A cup of Milo every morning is a MUST to kickstart my day ! 

My office lunch break is at 12.30pm , we usually eat at warung nearby , but now we are so sick of it , so we went out to eat . The 'We' is the intern team . 

After lunch , i will continue my work until 5.30pm and it's time to back home ! 

So yeah , that's my daily life of working life. 

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Thursday, 9 August 2012


For those who don't know what is Kiamsiap , Kiamsiap is actually a hokkien term to describe people who are stingy and kedekut . 

Have you ever encountered any Kiamsiap people ? Below are some of the characteristic of the people that i see them as Kiamsiap . 

1. They are so calculative . You cannot owe them any single money , even you owe them 10 cent , they will also ask the 10 cent back from you .

2. Although they got car , they will not offer to drive , everytime they will ask you to drive . They just don't want to waste their car petrol . 

3. They are calculative when spending , they usually buy a lot of thing during sale and keep it  . And they also always bargain the price to the extreme and lowest when they want to buy a product .

4. They usually unwilling to spend . They can go out with friend but they will not order anything. Even if they order , they will only order a cup of Ais kosong. 

5. When you go out to eat with them , they will ask to go dutch . Never even expect that they will belanja you . 

6. They being ignorant and just pura pura don't want to pay for their share . 

7. They dont care about their health , they can eat Maggi Mee or bread almost everyday . They will not spend so much for food . 

8. They will tapao and pack all the leftover food during open house , wedding dinner to save it for their lunch and dinner . 

9. They like to take all the free thing . When they travel , they will pack back all the free soap , free tissue , free shampoo etc . 

10. They buy fake good like fake Iphone made in China , or buy fake LV to make themself look good . 

Well , while i may see them as kiamsiap people , but they may be good at saving . Maybe they just want to save more . What do you think ?

Do share with me what is the kiamsiap people behaviour that you encounter before ya . 

Note : No offence to the Kiamsiap people. I just sharing my opinion here . 

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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bourne Legacy ( 2012 )

Thanks to Nuffnang , i get to watch Bourne Legacy at GSC Midvalley on yesterday night . 

Faced with the public and political fallout from the events of The Bourne Ultimatum, the CIA decides to shut down “Operation Outcome,” the successor to “Operation Treadstone.”
Aaron Cross, an agent of Operation Outcome, and Stephanie Snyder, a doctor who helped create the Outcome agents, must find a way to escape before CIA agent Byer can have them assassinated. 

My Personal Review 
I dont think that i can rate and judge the movie as i went to watch after work , thus i am sleepy watching the movie , plus i didn't watch the previous 3 installment of the movie . So , yea , i'm lost and confuse throughout the movie, i dont understand the movie at all . But what i can say is the movie is draggy with too much conversation and less action . So , you got to go watch it yourself and judge yourself whether it is a movie that worth to watch or not . 

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Malaysia is ranked as 1 of the top kiasu country . How it show that we kiasu . Read below . 

1. FREE ! 
When we hear something free , we will go to get it no matter what ! See the free Nasi Kandar queue on yesterday and you will be shocked . 

Worth the wait: People waiting patiently to have dinner at the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar outlet in SS2, Petaling Jaya.
Photo credits to thestar.com.my

Apparently the queue is 5 shop houses long ! Seriously ?!

Not only that , when there's free movie ticket , people will go queue up to get it too . Other than that , when some Malaysian buy any product , they sure ask got any free gift ah ?  

Heard that tomorrow got Baskin Robbin free ice cream , wonder how long the queue is .

As long as there's free thing , people sure go get it . 

2. On the road 

Some Malaysian driver acting like they are the king of the road , they just dont let car to cut them . When you want to cut into the lane , they will just accelerate and dont let you cut into the lane . Or worse , some car just run over the red light and stucked in the middle of the road during jam hour , and cause other driver cannot cross the road . 

3. Parking 

Some Malaysian driver is so inconsiderate and kiasu . When there's no parking at the shopping mall , they just park at the OKU parking lot 

Car parked at OKU lot
Photo credit to danielykl.com

Other than that , some Malaysian is so smart at reserve or book 

parking . At shopping mall , they will ask one of the car passenger to 

go find parking and stand at an empty parking lot to book the parking 

for them . Or some people will put a cone at the public car parking 

lot to book the parking . But the thing is it's a public parking lot , not 

their own lot . 

4. Elevator 

When you enter an elevator , and when it is full , a 'beep' sound will 

sound and the elevator door can't close unless a person go out . 

Obviously the last person who enter the elevator should go out and 

take the next elevator . But they can be so ignorant and dont care . But 

somebody got to go out , so often me and my friend will go out and 

take the next elevator . Why so kiasu ?

5. Public transport

Photo credit to usj.com.my 

Everytime when the LRT , KTM , Monorail or bus reach the station , 

often the people inside can't get out as the people who at the station 

just push and push and enter the train or bus to get a seat immediately  

when it reach the station without giving any chance to come out from 

the bus or train . This happen especially during peak hour . 

6. Queuing

Photo credit to Sharlene Lian 

Some Malaysian can queue few days before an event or concert . I 

heard that some Malaysian queue one whole night to buy the Big 

Bang Galaxy Tour 2012 concert ticket . 

7. Sale 

Whenever there's Airasia ticket sale , some Malaysian will get ready 

in front of their computer waiting for cheap ticket . And when you 

want to enter the website and book the ticket , you see this :

Photo credit to blog.airasia.com

Or else the server crash because too many people surf AirAsia 

website at the same time to buy cheap air ticket  .

Same during J-Card members day sale , all the people will shop 

whole day at  Jusco , and they also can go to Jusco one day before to 

look for the offer product and ask the promoter to book and reserve 

the offer product they want so that they can bought it on the J-Card  

members day .


Some Malaysian just so thick face to tapao the leftover food during 

open house back home without asking the permission from the owner 

of the open house .

9. Petrol

 Photo credits to jiboneus.com

Whenever there's announcement of increasing price of petrol , you 

will see all the petrol station full with cars . 

10. Education 

When a kids just finish PMR , then he / she need to get ready and start 

study for form 4 syllabus , isn't it too fast ? Other than that , our 

result also always  being compared with other children .

Now now , do you see why Malaysia is rank as one of the Top Kiasu 

country . 

Being a Malaysian , i do admit that i am kiasu too sometime . 

This is how i think about Malaysia Kiasu-ism . How about you ? do 

you have any Kiasu-ism story to share ? Do share if you got , i would 

like to hear about it .

Thanks for reading ! 

Bye !