Saturday, 11 August 2012

Being single is awesome

Who say being single means lonely ? i would say the opposite , being single is awesome . Why i say so ?

1. I get all the freedom . I can always buy what i want.  I can always watch the movie i want to watch. I can eat what i want . I can stay at the bookshop whole day and read all the book i want . I can do anything i want . I have the luxurious freedom. 

2. I learn to be tough and become more stronger . I realized that i alone can do a lot of things.

3. I get to know who are my true and real friends . 

4, I have more time to focus on my study and work .

5. I can save more money . I just need to spend for myself . 

6. I get to find my own happiness by doing the thing i like . 

7. I have more time to spend with my family . The family bonding become stronger because they are always the one you rely on . I realized the importance of have a family and will never neglect them again . 

8.  I become hardworking and focus on all my priority  to achieve all my goals and dreams to be a better person.

9. I love myself more and take good care of myself .

10.  I can always arrange my own time,own schedule and own plan .  I own my life.

Remember , what doesn't kill you make you stronger . When you losing something, it also means that you are achieving something . Who say being single is sucks and lonely . I say being single is awesome . I enjoying my single life now . Love will come when it comes . There's no hurry to love someone . It's more lonely when you love someone because you are lonely . While at the mean time , i will grow up , learn more thing , make myself mature , earn more money , finish my studies and have a career . I want to be a responsible boyfriend when love comes. 

Thanks for reading ! 
Bye ! 


  1. Mmm... can't comment much here cos I'm not single anymore XD

    Ppl used to disagree when I was in a relationship during study time but I proved them wrong instead :)

  2. okay , i understand , different people different perception and opinion . I totally respect that . Yeap , it all depend on yourself , who say we cannot in relationship during study time. We can . well done ! You proved them wrong . =D