Monday, 6 August 2012

Dato Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Final Match Live Screening Party

Thanks to Nuffnang and Samsung , i get to watch the live screening of Dato Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Final Match at  Laundry , The Curve. I reach there at 6.45pm and there are already a lot of people. I am happy and glad to see so many familiar faces. 

There are 2 big projector screen for the live screening of Dato Lee Chong Wei vs Lin Dan Final Match .

A projector screen at outside

Another projector screen at inside of Laundry

All of us are ready to cheer and support Dato Lee Chong Wei all the way ! 


Front from left : Daniel Chiam , Jess Lee , Me , and Dustyhawk  Behind : Kian Fai 

Anne and me 

Me and Ah Bok 

Me and Simon Seow

KenWooi , Me , and Ernest 

Merryn  and Me 

There are finger food before the match and free flow of beer and coke for the whole night . 

The match finally started at 8pm . 

Dato Lee Chong Wei


Lin Dan

All of us , Malaysian that cheer and support Dato Lee Chong Wei 

It was really a great match , we all cheer for Dato Lee Chong Wei together throughout the whole match .

Although at last Lin Dan won the match with the score of 15-21 , 21-10 , and 21-19.

But to Dato Lee Chong Wei 

You are always the winner in our heart ! You played very well ! You fight for Malaysia ! We are really proud of you as you win the first London 2012 Olympic medal for Malaysia ! You unite all of us , the Malaysian ! You are our Malaysia hero ! You are the best ! All the best and good luck in your future undertaking ! Dato Lee Chong Wei , thank you for giving all of us a great night with a wonderful match ! Congratulation to Dato Lee Chong Wei ! 

Thanks for reading !
Bye !  


  1. wah lauu.. you are damm fast eh~

    nice to meet you ~

  2. Taufulou : haha , consider slow dy . lol Nice to meet you too ! =D

  3. fun. Should have gone huh?

  4. tak panggil saya pergi eh? =P

  5. Michleong : Yes , you should had come ! =D

    Charmaine : Is okay , watch at anywhere is the same as long as you support him ! =D

    Xue Ren : Single invite from Nuffnang only, if not i sure ask you 1 . hehe =D