Thursday, 9 August 2012


For those who don't know what is Kiamsiap , Kiamsiap is actually a hokkien term to describe people who are stingy and kedekut . 

Have you ever encountered any Kiamsiap people ? Below are some of the characteristic of the people that i see them as Kiamsiap . 

1. They are so calculative . You cannot owe them any single money , even you owe them 10 cent , they will also ask the 10 cent back from you .

2. Although they got car , they will not offer to drive , everytime they will ask you to drive . They just don't want to waste their car petrol . 

3. They are calculative when spending , they usually buy a lot of thing during sale and keep it  . And they also always bargain the price to the extreme and lowest when they want to buy a product .

4. They usually unwilling to spend . They can go out with friend but they will not order anything. Even if they order , they will only order a cup of Ais kosong. 

5. When you go out to eat with them , they will ask to go dutch . Never even expect that they will belanja you . 

6. They being ignorant and just pura pura don't want to pay for their share . 

7. They dont care about their health , they can eat Maggi Mee or bread almost everyday . They will not spend so much for food . 

8. They will tapao and pack all the leftover food during open house , wedding dinner to save it for their lunch and dinner . 

9. They like to take all the free thing . When they travel , they will pack back all the free soap , free tissue , free shampoo etc . 

10. They buy fake good like fake Iphone made in China , or buy fake LV to make themself look good . 

Well , while i may see them as kiamsiap people , but they may be good at saving . Maybe they just want to save more . What do you think ?

Do share with me what is the kiamsiap people behaviour that you encounter before ya . 

Note : No offence to the Kiamsiap people. I just sharing my opinion here . 

Thanks for reading ! 
Bye ! 


  1. Characteristic Number 4 is very irritating. If not they complain very expensive, then few days later they go on a shopping spree. kononnya no money.

  2. some are consider as 贪小便宜,not kiam siap :)

  3. haha my mummy is a kiamsiap ppl too! *shhhh! =P

  4. Tyng : haha , maybe they want to save money for shopping la . =D

    Anonymous : Well , it depends how you see it la . =D

    Xue Ren : haha , no worries , i will be silent . =D