Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Malaysia is ranked as 1 of the top kiasu country . How it show that we kiasu . Read below . 

1. FREE ! 
When we hear something free , we will go to get it no matter what ! See the free Nasi Kandar queue on yesterday and you will be shocked . 

Worth the wait: People waiting patiently to have dinner at the Original Penang Kayu Nasi Kandar outlet in SS2, Petaling Jaya.
Photo credits to thestar.com.my

Apparently the queue is 5 shop houses long ! Seriously ?!

Not only that , when there's free movie ticket , people will go queue up to get it too . Other than that , when some Malaysian buy any product , they sure ask got any free gift ah ?  

Heard that tomorrow got Baskin Robbin free ice cream , wonder how long the queue is .

As long as there's free thing , people sure go get it . 

2. On the road 

Some Malaysian driver acting like they are the king of the road , they just dont let car to cut them . When you want to cut into the lane , they will just accelerate and dont let you cut into the lane . Or worse , some car just run over the red light and stucked in the middle of the road during jam hour , and cause other driver cannot cross the road . 

3. Parking 

Some Malaysian driver is so inconsiderate and kiasu . When there's no parking at the shopping mall , they just park at the OKU parking lot 

Car parked at OKU lot
Photo credit to danielykl.com

Other than that , some Malaysian is so smart at reserve or book 

parking . At shopping mall , they will ask one of the car passenger to 

go find parking and stand at an empty parking lot to book the parking 

for them . Or some people will put a cone at the public car parking 

lot to book the parking . But the thing is it's a public parking lot , not 

their own lot . 

4. Elevator 

When you enter an elevator , and when it is full , a 'beep' sound will 

sound and the elevator door can't close unless a person go out . 

Obviously the last person who enter the elevator should go out and 

take the next elevator . But they can be so ignorant and dont care . But 

somebody got to go out , so often me and my friend will go out and 

take the next elevator . Why so kiasu ?

5. Public transport

Photo credit to usj.com.my 

Everytime when the LRT , KTM , Monorail or bus reach the station , 

often the people inside can't get out as the people who at the station 

just push and push and enter the train or bus to get a seat immediately  

when it reach the station without giving any chance to come out from 

the bus or train . This happen especially during peak hour . 

6. Queuing

Photo credit to Sharlene Lian 

Some Malaysian can queue few days before an event or concert . I 

heard that some Malaysian queue one whole night to buy the Big 

Bang Galaxy Tour 2012 concert ticket . 

7. Sale 

Whenever there's Airasia ticket sale , some Malaysian will get ready 

in front of their computer waiting for cheap ticket . And when you 

want to enter the website and book the ticket , you see this :

Photo credit to blog.airasia.com

Or else the server crash because too many people surf AirAsia 

website at the same time to buy cheap air ticket  .

Same during J-Card members day sale , all the people will shop 

whole day at  Jusco , and they also can go to Jusco one day before to 

look for the offer product and ask the promoter to book and reserve 

the offer product they want so that they can bought it on the J-Card  

members day .


Some Malaysian just so thick face to tapao the leftover food during 

open house back home without asking the permission from the owner 

of the open house .

9. Petrol

 Photo credits to jiboneus.com

Whenever there's announcement of increasing price of petrol , you 

will see all the petrol station full with cars . 

10. Education 

When a kids just finish PMR , then he / she need to get ready and start 

study for form 4 syllabus , isn't it too fast ? Other than that , our 

result also always  being compared with other children .

Now now , do you see why Malaysia is rank as one of the Top Kiasu 

country . 

Being a Malaysian , i do admit that i am kiasu too sometime . 

This is how i think about Malaysia Kiasu-ism . How about you ? do 

you have any Kiasu-ism story to share ? Do share if you got , i would 

like to hear about it .

Thanks for reading ! 

Bye !   


  1. LOL! Since when Malaysian become more kiasu than Singaporean? 0_0

  2. I agree to the max yo. Although I'm one of the kiasu LOL. but sometimes just can't stand the kiasuness of the passengers for LRT. They would just stand in fron of the door and not going into the middle!

  3. Hahaha, tell me about it man. Malaysia is a bunch of people with the least manners and no courtesy at all. I remember when I used to live in UK, everyone smiles at each other even with a small greet "morning" or in Australia we say "good day". You try smiling at someone here in Malaysia, he'll probably say "gila kah you" :)

  4. A good read, all of them is true to our fellow Malaysian.I just came back from Taipei. Taiwanese are well known for their courtesy in serving customers. Take the immigration for an example, the taiwanese will greet you with a warm smile, asking how are you doing, before stamping the passport and let you go. I would not say M'sian are deprived of this, but we still have a long way to go.

  5. Durianland : I think Singaporean more kiasu than Malaysian la . =D

    Fluffy FurFer : Thanks for agree with me yo ! Yes , exactly , they just stand in front of the LRT door and block the way out , we have to squeeze our way out. LOL

    Thristhan : Totally agree with you ! Yes , people say you gila when you simply smile at people. haha . Guess Malaysia should learn from UK and Australia .

    Meitzeu : Yes ! Malaysian style !=D

    Fish : Yes ! We are all proud to be Malaysian

    Andrew : Yeap , agree with you ! Guess Malaysia still have a long way to learn from other country . =D

  6. I actually avoid free stuff cos of this kiasu situation! lol Unless it's something I want lah.. Then I'll be kiasu also hahaha

  7. What is to become of us.. kiasu to the max :(

  8. I agree with most of your points, but not on the saving money part. I would choose the best price when purchasing something, especially for airline tickets. I think it's more about saving than kiasuness.

    I think some people are kiasu to the extend that they'll just line up whenever they see a long queue without even knowing what the people are queuing up for. =/

  9. hahaha i thought Singaporeans are the most kiasu nation? XP

  10. Isabel : haha ! Same la , i also try to avoid it . =D

    Merryn : yea , Kiasu to the max lo . Got to learn to not to kiasu dy . =D

    j_fish : Thanks for agree with me ! Yeap , better buy something worth than cheap . Agree with you , some Malaysian are so kiasu .

    Su Fang : Yes , Singaporeans are still the kiasu nation , i think Malaysian second after Singaporean lo . =D