Monday, 27 August 2012

My Morning before Work

Here are some of  the things that i do every morning before work . 

1. Turn on my radio and listen to Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew while stuck in the jam to my office . 

Photo credited to FlyFM 

It's like a must thing to listen to Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew everyday , it really affects my whole day mood and emotion .  I like the Radio Video segment , it is funny to listen to the Fly FM Pagi Rock Crew DJ singing a song to describe a music video.I also love to listen to the Judge Hakim segment where Judge Hakim will solve a case . It's so entertaining and funny .It really help to destress myself  while stuck in the jam . It just make my mood so much better . 

2. Eat a healthy breakfast

2 piece of bread with Sardines


It's important to have breakfast to ensure that i am full and have the energy to start working . 

3. Read newspaper and enjoy my hot Milo

 There are free The Sun newspaper everyday at my office

Is a must to drink a cup of hot  Milo every morning

4. Wish everyone good morning on Facebook and Twitter.

Wishing everyone Good Morning will cheer up everyone days . I do hope that i make everyone smile . 

5. Watch Youtube video 

Yes , today i watch Gangnam - Super Kampung style , parody by Fly FM Deejays just released this morning. I am currently addicted to Oppa Gangnam Style song . The song and the dance is so catchy , it actually hype up my mood for the day .

After listen to Gangnam - Super Kampung style , i am so ready and energized to start work !

Thanks for reading ! 
Bye ! 


  1. What I do in the morning before I go to class -- wake up --> shower --> rush to class HAHAH So nice you still have time to relax and watch video! :P

  2. Hilda : Haha , i actually watch video at my office 1 . =D

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  4. Vin Tsen : yeap , totally agree whey ! That's a perfect morning ! =D