Sunday, 12 August 2012

My Ten Guilty Pleasures

1. Milo

I drink Milo twice everyday , sometime even three time . I know i cannot drink so much Milo a day as it is sweet , i will easily get diabetes . But i just can't help it , i addicted to Milo and i just love it so much ! 

2. Maggi Mee 

I know eating too much of Maggi Mee is not healthy , but when midnight i am hungry and my house only got Maggi Mee , so just eat la . Better than eating nothing right ? and eating Maggi Mee Kari letup on a rainy night is even better ! 

3. GTA San Andreas

I can stay up late at night just to complete the GTA San Andreas game mission eventhough i know the next morning i need to wake up early to attend class . 

I can own sport cars in GTA San Andreas game .

I can drive sport cars and break all the rules in GTA San Andreas game .

I like to kill pedestrian and police in GTA San Andreas game to release my stress .

4. Harry Potter 

I am a crazy Harry Potter fan , i read all the Harry Potter series and i watch all the Harry Potter movie . 

5. Mint Flavour Chocalate 

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I love to eat mint flavour chocolate . Although i easily get sore throat , but i dont care , i just eat it first .

6. Soft Drinks 

I always drink soft drinks  whenever i want to drink . i actually have gastric , and often i regret after i drink the soft drink as i will get gastric after that . But who care , we only live once .

7. Cili Padi 

I have a habit of eating fried rice , fried meehoon , maggi goreng and fried mee with Cili Padi . I love Cili Padi . 

8. Drive fast 

I know driving fast is dangerous . But every morning , i just like to drive fast just to reach my destination earlier so that i can take a short nap before class or work. But no worries , i drive fast and safely.

9.  Annoy people with lame jokes 

Almost every morning during my last semester , i will always annoyed my friend with lame jokes after breakfast . Ask my uni classmates , Amelia and you will know how her brain tired and cannot compute my lame jokes every morning . 

10. Honey 

As i easily get sore throat after eating fried stuff , biscuit or spicy stuff , my mum bought me Manuka Honey which car soothen my throat . So , i always drink honey after eat too much of fried stuff , biscuit , or spicy stuff . I know it's sweet and i should not drink too much of honey , but it soothen my throat and i feel better after drinking the honey .

So yea , that's my ten guilty pleasures . 

Note : This post is merely my own opinion and my own guilty pleasures . I am sorry if it offend you in any way . 

Thanks for reading ! 
Bye !


  1. Hahaha! I just can't stop killing cops in the GTA games! =P

  2. I can only relate to the MILO and Maggi Mee... others all I tarak makan/pakai. except cili padi lah.. i oso like!

  3. hahahaha, great pleasures though^^

  4. Jiayeen : Haha ! It's fun to kill the cops in the game yo ! =D

    Merryn : i see i see . Everyone love Milo and Maggi Mee . =D

    Xijon89 : Yes , is a great pleasures ! =D

    Metzelder Siow : Yes , Mint Flavour Chocalate is awesome . =D

  5. nice!! i love milo, but not addicted la.. aiyu...u have to cut down...before its too late!LOL

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog :) Ahhh, MILO and After eight is loveeee ! I do drink milo 3-4 times a day, I cannot resists it, it's so good :)


  7. Eunice : Haha ! I can't cut down , i need my Milo everyday . But i will slowly cut down la , really need to lo . =D Everyone love Milo ! =D

    Carolyn : You are welcome ! Thanks for commenting at my blog too ! =D Yes , Milo and After Eight is awesome ! No need to resist , just drink ! =D

    Xue Ren : Maggi lover huh , dont eat so much maggi ah , not good for health . =D

  8. i like milo, cili padi and honey.

    manuka honey is such amazing stuff. i normally take it when i feel a bug coming:D

  9. missyblurkit : High 5 ! yes , i totally agree that manuka honey is a good stuff ! =D