Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Paranorman (2012)

Thanks to Nuffnang , i get to watch Paranorman at GSC 1 Utama on yesterday night . 

Norman is a boy who can speak to ghost and zombie . Everyone in a small town think that he is an abnormal freak . But he is also the only person that can save the small town from a centuries-old curse. Can he save the small town from a centuries-old curse ?

My Personal Review 
This movie is funny and entertaining . This movie is a movie that worth to watch . The stop motion animation is nice . This movie will destress you after work or study , you will definitely come out from the cinema with a smile . Paranorman will be out in the cinema on 16 August 2012 , so do remember to go watch ya ! 

Note : I am not a movie reviewer . This review is merely my own personal movie review . If you need a better and detailed movie review of this movie , you can check out the movie review from the professional movie reviewer on the internet.

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  1. I did not go for this as Ethan said he is afraid after watching the trailer :(

  2. Merryn : I see i see , it is not scary , but is PG13 la , so only kids above 13 years old can watch , so i dont think Ethan can watch this movie . =D

  3. Love the movie I can watch again! XD

  4. watching it this weekend since i missed the screenings last night:(

  5. aiks! the movie title doesn't attract me to watch this movie. LOL!

  6. Bendan : Yay ! Then go watch again ! =D

    missyblurkit : Go watch go watch ! =D

    Xue Ren : It's a nice movie go watch ! Notr scary at all la . haha =D