Friday, 10 August 2012

Working life

As you all know , i am now doing my internship . So , today i going to share with you all my daily life of working life .

Every morning , i woke up at 6.30am , then prepare my self and out from house at about 6.40am. Then ,i reach the open car park near my office building at 7.10am. The open car park is quite cheap , RM4 per entry only .

Then , i will nap in the car until 8.20am and walk to my office . 

 This is my office building , Wisma LYL 

  This is my office 

The Office 

My working desk

After putting down my bag,  i will went out to the balcony to enjoy the nice scenery and fresh air.
 Nice scenery right ? 

After that , it's time for breakfast ! Company provide free breakfast for us . We eat our breakfast at the Pantry .

The Pantry 

There are bread 

There are cereal , milk , fruit juice , baked beans , butter , jam , Nutella , Sardines , egg and peanut butter as well

This is my breakfast , bread with sardines and cereal .

After breakfast , is time to work ! 

A cup of Milo every morning is a MUST to kickstart my day ! 

My office lunch break is at 12.30pm , we usually eat at warung nearby , but now we are so sick of it , so we went out to eat . The 'We' is the intern team . 

After lunch , i will continue my work until 5.30pm and it's time to back home ! 

So yeah , that's my daily life of working life. 

Thanks for reading ! 
Bye !


  1. Nice le! So pretty scenery and breakfast provided!

  2. Sherrie Pui : Yeap , i like thecompany so much ! =D

  3. the building of ur office is so unique! :D all the best in ur work~

  4. eh very healthy food. Healthy living hor, I'm also trying to be healthier now :)

  5. Camy : Yeap . Thanks thanks ! =D

    Isaac : Yes , live healthy ! =D

  6. wow.. Lovely working place.. loads of food wad.. so healthy some more.. I seriously dont mind working there..LOL

  7. Eunice : Haha , yes, is a nice working place ! I enjoy it ! =D