Friday, 3 August 2012

Yumcha Etiquette

So , yumcha is pretty common culture in Malaysia . So , i'm going to tell you all the yumcha etiquette today .

1. Yumcha at an economical or affordable place

If you go Starbucks with friend , that's not call yumcha . Come on , 1 Starbucks coffee cost like      RM 12   , with RM12 i can buy about6 cup of Teh Tarik or maybe more . So yeah , yumcha is always at an affordable and economical place such as Mamak .

2. Electronic devices should be off the table . 

Yes , no phone and no tablet should be placed on the table . I mean , hello , is not like i'm talking to a talking tom cat . I am talking to you , yes you , not your phone . If you want to play with your phone , then why not we yumcha through the internet , you drink yours and i drink mine at our own home . 

3. Don't ask for pork 
Unless you want to get into trouble , if not please dont ask for pork when you yumcha . Because we usually yumcha at mamak and mamak is halal , no pork . 

4. You don't yumcha alone 

We just don't yumcha alone , we yumcha with friend . Forever alone , oh come on , socialise , everyone have at least 1 friend right  . Two is better than one when yumcha .

5. We doesn't need menu !

Being a Malaysian , we doesn't need menu , we always know what to order when we yumcha . we would say " bang , teh ais satu" , " ah neh , limau ais satu " , or " ah neh , roti canai satu" .  I mean why think so much when yumcha . 

6. No serious talk during yumcha 

Yumcha is only for gossip , catch up and chit chat , no seriuos talk are allowed . 

7. Don't overdress during yumcha 

Just wear casual to yumcha , i mean is not like you going to party . Unless you want attention , you can dress like you going to party to yumcha . There's an exception if you go yumcha after clubbing , that one is another different story . 

8.Don't look at time when you yumcha 

If you want to yumcha with friend , please make sure your schedule is empty , because we being Malaysian can yumcha for few hours . Dont even bother to look at the time , we just chat the time away . 

9. No eating etiquette when we yumcha 
Oh come on , there's no eating etiquette when we yumcha , it's okay to use hand to eat , it's not like we at a high class restaurant . 

10.  Must ask for kurang kurang manis 
This applies when we yumcha at mamak . We always tell the 'ah neh' ," teh ais kurang kurang manis ah" . Because you wouldn't want to get diabetes right ? one thing you need to know the drink at mamak is super sweet . 

Note : This is my personal opinion and is mostly apply to yumcha at mamak . 

Thanks for reading and bye ! 


  1. But I always look at menu when I go mamak, dont know what to order ma xD

  2. LOL!! Kurang kurang manis?
    That's a first! Normally I ask kurang manis nia XD

  3. Charmaine : haha , kurang manis still sweet 1 ma , so kurang kurang manis better / =D

  4. i agree with all points except 6 & 10 - why cannot talk serious stuff during yumcha leh? If not during yumcha, then when? And I like sweet stuff, so I'm happy with all the sweet drinks hehehe :)

  5. haha! kurang kurang manis! love this! :D

  6. Tansra - haha , cause yumcha is meant for gossip and chill and relax 1. Why so serious ? =p

    Xue ren : Thanks ! Glad you love it ! =D

  7. I think i just fell in love with your blog. Haha!

  8. Shiok Leng : hahaha ! Thanks thanks ! Glad you love my blog ! =D