Sunday, 11 November 2012

9 , 10 , 11

Hello , I'm back ! Been busy recently , thus my blog had been abandoned for few weeks.  But no worries , i promise that i will update my blog more from now onward. 

Let start with September . September is the month where i finish my 2 month of internship and the start of my final semester. My final semester supposed to start on the first week of September , but i skip my first week of final semester for internship . On the second week of September , i am happy that i can finally back to study life at first , but who knows i need to back to my internship company after class everyday because my supervisor request me to add more things to my own project . So , to be responsible , i decided to complete everything before i leave the company . Finally , i left the company on 16 September 2012 . After my internship , i am more looking forward to my working life soon . I learn a lot from my internship , a lot of interesting and awesome experience that i cannot learn in my university . From my internship as well , i also finally get more idea for my thesis topic . I can apply what i learn in my internship to my thesis research. I also glad that i had a wonderful intern team and wonderful people to guide and teach us for our job throughout the internship .

All the Intern with the awesome guy in my Internship Company , Shaun.

After 3 years of degree life , i am glad that i finally having my final semester now . To me , final semester is the most tough and hectic semester ever . Beginning of the semester on September may be still quite free , with a few assignment .That's the time i should had start the assignment , but given the assignment due  are either middle of the semester or end of the semester , i relax and slowly take my time to do the assignment . Thus , more and more assignment pile up after weeks. Slowly until the middle of the semester at October, almost every week i will have an assignment due . The worst week i ever had is 3 quiz and 3 assignment due on one week itself , but i survive through the week , and still standing strong to face other challenges . Another thing that make me worry is my thesis , i got to finish my thesis to graduate , and the time is quite limited i would say . Yes, we have like about 2 month ++ to finish it , but seriously the time is not enough as there were whole lot of thing to do . But i glad that i had almost finish my thesis . 

A photo of me with my classmates , Magdeline and Sandra  after tired of doing assignment 

Me and my classmates , Magdeline all relief and happy after finish a quiz and get good mark

To be honest , throughout this final semester , i had suffer a lot of stress , been through a lot of sleepless night . Get panic and stress for nothing all in a sudden . And get hectic and busy all the time during this semester . I also got so lost to the extend that  i suddenly lost all the motivation to do anything at all. i also doubt myself and scare myself sometime because of the fear of the assignment, thesis or quiz that i do is wrong .Because this semester is my final semester , i cannot risk to lose any marks. But i glad that i handle all the stress well , and set goals to finish everything by time and according to the schedule . I glad that i had gone through the most stress and hectic period of my degree life . 

Of course i try to attend some event and movie screening despite my busy and hectic semester to destress myself , i cant be a nerd and always stay at home to study and do assignment , that is so not me , i am not a stay home person . Thanks to Nuffnang and Churp Churp , i won some invitation to attend some movie screening such as The Cold Light of Day, Resident Evil , Universal Soldier,Hotel Translyvania, TED , Skyfall , and Pitch Perfect. I also get to attend The Wanted concert , thanks to Nuffnang.  I also spend some time with my cousin that come back from U.K. 

Me and Caroline at The Wanted Concert . Photo credited to Tianchad

Me with all my cousin 

So that's pretty much sum up my September and October. It's all about assignment , quiz , thesis , movie , event and catching up with cousin that back from U.K . To those who ask me out to yumcha and i reject or postpone it . I am really sorry , i promised that i will ask you all out soon .

As for November ,  i am not busy anymore as i had hand up a lot of assignment and finish a lot of quiz . So i am free now , feel free to ask me out to yumcha ya ! As for now , i need to complete collecting my data for my thesis questionnaire , i got 40 ++ more questionnaire to be complete , who willing to help me to fill up the questionnaire ? I need help really . Please PM me at facebook or tweet me at twitter if you willing to help me to fill up my thesis questionnaire. I will not force , all is just voluntary. To all my friend that i PM to ask to fill up my thesis questionnaire , i am really sorry if i annoyed you all . To those who help to fill up my thesis questionnaire, i really appreciate your help , thank you very much !

Two more week to hand up my thesis , three more week to present my thesis , four more week to my final semester final exam , five more weeks to the end of my degree life . Wish me good luck and all the best people ! 

Putting everything aside , i have one week break next week , got to rest , replace all my sleep debt , and finish my thesis while enjoying my break with some outing maybe . Happy holiday everyone ! and to all my indian friend and all the indian in Malaysia , Happy Deepavali ! 

Phew ! This is a really long post , i myself also does not know how i type this long .To everyone who read my blog until here ,thanks for reading, i really appreaciate it. Sorry if i bore you . Anyway , here's a sneak peak of my next blog post . 

Thanks for reading ! Good night and have a sweet dream everyone ! 

- Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E -

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