Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering 2012

Thanks to Nuffnang , i attended the Nuffnang first ever Comic Bloggers Gathering 2012 on 10 November 2012 at CAFFEine at SetiaWalk , Puchong .

The drink they sell 

The food they sell 

I reach CAFFEine at 2pm. It's my first time drive to SetiaWalk , Puchong , glad that i didn't get lost. Anyway, we are required to draw the comic version of us on the canvas after we registered . Here's mine . 

While waiting for the event to start , i lifted up Ernest and Chee Ching . 

At about 2.30pm , the event started with Ernest from Bro, don't like that la, bro giving a talk. 

Shahzeeq was the emcee of the day 

Ernest share with us the story of how he started Bro, don't like that la, bro . He teach us how to start a comic blog . He also tell us the main challenges of comic blogging and how to overcome it . He also share his tips and trick on comic blogging . His talk was really inspiring and entertaining .What i learn from him is don't blog because of fame , but blog because of passion and never give up on blogging. His comic blog is really funny and interesting . You all really should go read his comic blog . I am addicted to his comic blog since i start to read his comic blog last year . 

Next was Chee Ching from CheeChingy to talk on her comic blogging experience . 

Chee Ching from CheeChingy

Chee Ching share with us how she start to draw. She also share with us how she created CheeChingy . She also tell us what she had learnt from comic blogging . She also share with us her tips and trick on comic blogging. What i learn from her is experiment with styles , and blog with the style that you most comfortable with. I also learn from her that tiny details matter . Her talk was interesting and inspiring as well . You all really must go read her comic blog ,. Her comic blog is so cute and funny . I always go "aww, so cute" when i read her blog . I can't stop reading her comic blog after i discovered her blog last year , it is so addicting.

Ernest and Chee Ching also show us a live demo of how they use Adobe Illustrator to draw their comic . Chee Ching start first by drawing a comic version of Shahzeeq.

Shahzeeq with muscle 

Then , Ernest continue to draw an ostrich for shahzeeq to ride on . 

Tadaa , this is Shahzeeq riding an Ostrich

After the talk by Ernest and Chee Ching , it was food time .  Thanks to CAFFEine , we have awesome food to eat . 

The sandwich , chocalate muffin , brownies and chicken pie was really delicious . 

After eating the delicious food , i say hi to the blogger friend that i know and brave myself to introduce myself and get to know all the blogger that attend the event . 

Say hi to my friend ,  Caroline and Eric . Caroline is a lifestyle blogger while Eric is a comic blogger . Check out their interesting blog ya ! 

Say hi to Shahzeeq , the trendy nuffies from Nuffnang

Say hi to my friend , Qi Tyng. She is a lifestyle blogger too . Check out her blog post of Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering here 

 Say hi to my friend , Michelle , Kah Mon , and Sher Lynn . They all are lifestyle blogger . But Kah Mon and Sher lynn do draw and doodle at their blog sometime . Check out their blog ya. Check out Kah Mon post on Nuffnang Comic Bloggers Gathering here . 

Say hi to Hwang Hsien and Anne , the friendly nuffies from Nuffnang 

Say hi to my new friend,  Sharkox and Jack . Sharkox is a comic blogger , check out his comic blog ,it is so interesting and entertaining. Jack is a event blogger , his blog cover all the latest event in Malaysia.

Say hi to Ernest from Bro, don't like that la, bro

Say hi to my new friend , Kendrick. He is a comic blogger . Check out his comic blog ya ! It's interesting!

Say hi to my new friend, Wai Kit . He is a comic blogger . Check out his comic blog ya ! It's interesting yo !

Say hi to my new friend , Tun Jie. He is a comic blogger as well . Check out his comic blog ya !

Say hi to another new friend , worldofcos .He is a comic blogger as well . Check out his page ya ! 

Say hi to my new friend , Ridley . She is a lifestyle blogger . Check out her blog yo ! 

Say hi to my new friend , Mi Yen. She is a lifestyle blogger , but he do draw in her blog sometime. Check out her blog yo !

Say hi to my new friend , Staci and Cheryl. Staci is a lifestyle blogger , while Cheryl will start a blog soon. Check out the little Ernest and little CheeChingy draw by Staci here. It's so cute ! 

Say hi to Charissa , the friendly intern of  Nuffnang

Say hi to Chee Ching from CheeChingy

Lastly , say hi to Sarah , 1 cartoonist that have 15 years experience in drawing . 

At the same time while i mingling around , there are live drawing of personalized caricature of everyone of us  by Ernest and Chee Ching . Here's mine . 

Lastly , Sarah , a cartoonist that have 15 years drawing experience end the event with an inspiring and interesting talk .  She share with us her experience in drawing , the skill and her tips and trick on drawing . She drew a mural at the Sungai Kelang !

Group photo credited to Nuffnang 

Here's the canvas full with doodles ! 

Overall , i am happy to attend this Nuffnang Comic bloggers Gathering . I had learn a lot from Ernest , Chee Ching and Sarah through their great experience . I am also happy to met and make so many new friend through this event . Of course , i enjoy the food prepared by CAFFEine too !

Since Ernest and Chee Ching draw me , i decided to draw them back too . Here's the comic version of Ernest and Chee Ching that i draw for them . 

Thanks for Reading !

- Jayren The Z.O.M.P.I.R.E -


  1. Hahah.. always like your blog post!

  2. I'd missed the group photo! =((
    (Sob sob!) But nice meeting all the cool bloggers during the gathering! It's really inspiring!

  3. woah! u meet so many bloggers in one day!! :D

  4. Lee Chien : Thanks thanks ! =D

    Brosche : hello hello , yeap , nice meeting all the bloggers ! Nice meeting you too ! Agree with you , it's really inspiring ! =D

    Xue Ren : Yeap yeap , so happy to meet so many new friend in one day . =D

  5. Hahaha omg! Thank you for your drawing! :D

  6. Chee Ching : You are welcome ! =D