Saturday, 3 November 2012

Nuffnang First Ever Comic Blogger Gathering

I can never draw something , but i enjoy reading comic . And you know whose comic i love to read now ? They are : 


Their comic are my daily dosage , I always love to read their comic. I am their die hard fan . So , when i heard that Nuffnang is organizing their first ever comic blogger gathering featuring Bro Don't Like That La Bro and Cheechingy at  CAFFEineSetia Walk Puchong , i know this is my chance , i must go ! 

So , here is a comic version of myself : 

I want to join this comic blogger gathering because i want to get an autograph of  Bro Don't Like That La Bro and Cheechingy. I also want to take photo with them . I would also want to know what inspired them to start a comic blog. Other than that , i hope that i can learn some drawing skill from them because i also want to draw the life journey of myself . I want to draw the girl that i love , i want to draw my wedding photo , i want to draw my family photo , and i also want to draw every wonderful thing that happen in my life . Drawing is always more valuable and more sincere than photo . And when i old , it will be so nice to see back all my drawing . So yeah , i hope that i can steal some drawing skill from Ernest and Chee Ching during the comic blogger gathering . I also would like to know how they draw their comic live . Of course , i also want to enjoy a good cup of coffee by CAFFEine .

So , hopefully i can win invites to join this comic blogger gathering ! =D

Thanks and bye . 


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