Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Being a Santa on my birthday

On 17 December 2012 , which is also my 24th birthday , i went to Leisure Mall with Jiayeen for the annual charity program , "Toy Bank : A Gift of Love" . It's an event where there are wishing tree that hang all the wishing tag from orphanage from a few charity home . All you need to do is to pick 1 wishing tag that you can afford , and buy the present that the orphanage want . Then , just wrap the present and put into the toy bank . Then Leisure Mall management will give the present to the orphan on 29 December 2012.  I had be Santa for 2009, 2010 and 2011 Toy bank . This year will be the 4th year i be Santa for Toy Bank : A Gift of Love . 

Below are the charity homes that take part in this meaningful event this year . 

The wishing tree 

A closer look

The wishing tag that i choose 

After took the wishing tag , we walk around to look for the present .  I decided to buy 3 pairs of hair clip for Vishalini. 

After lunch , we went back to Toy Bank to put the present in the toy bank.

This is the present i give to Vishalini

This year , it was extra meaningful to be a Santa on my birthday . I will definitely continue to be Santa again next year . I want to realize the orphan wish and make them happy. People , Christmas month is the month of giving , faster go participate and realize the orphan wish and make them happy okay ! The event will be at Leisure Mall level 1 until 25 December. You does not need to spend a lot of money for the present , just buy a present that you can afford . Even a small gift means a lot to all the orphan. Show some love to the orphan ya ! 

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. Ohh, I remember you participating in this every year! I wanna join too next year (:

  2. Oh..there's such event? I should think of joining too next year! Sounds like a pretty good cause.

  3. Hilda : Yeap . i join every year. Join join ! =D

    MichLeong : Yeap , it's for a good cause . Join join ! =D