Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Bloggers Graffiti Art Workshop 15/12/12

Thanks to Digi and Nuffnang , i attended the Bloggers Graffiti Art at Blackbox , The Square , Publika at 1.30pm on 15 December 2012.

There were four Graffiti Artist that talk about their graffiti art . They all are real talented. 

Below are some of their graffiti art . 

We were given some finger food too , O' Briens Sandwich and a can of Coca-Cola. 

There were some Grafitti Art by the Graffit Artist at The Square , Publika too . 

I also have the chance to try to create Graffiti Art . It was really not easy, must know how to control the spray to create a nice graffiti art . 

There were also graffiti art competition between few secondary school.

All the Graffiti Artist 

Overall , it was a great event . I get to know more about Grafitti Art. 

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. Publika is really a good art place. If got chance, I wanna join this kind of event. =)

  2. Nick Chan : Yeap , go experience and join if you got chance . =D


  3. If you look closely at our new urban art collection you'll see elements of design made popular by street art.