Saturday, 22 December 2012

F.Y.I On Stage in Kuala Lumpur

Thanks to Nuffnang , i won a pair of general pass to the Favourite Youtube Icon On Stage in Kuala Lumpur at 28 November 2012 at Mananagement & Science University . That night featuring three Youtube icons which are Andrew Garcia , Victor Kim , and JR Aquino . I know and heard of Victor Kim only before the event as i watch him act in Wongfu Production "Away We Happened" short film . But seriously , it really was an awesome experience.

My plus one for the night is Staci .

Met Shah there too. 

On that day , after picking up Staci from her workplace , we head to MSU . As it was my first time driving there , i get lost a bit but manage to found it after a while . As that time was still quite early , we went to the nearby Tesco for dinner first . 

After dinner , we are back at MSU at 7.30pm . When we reach MSU , there were already a lot of people queuing outside the Chancellor Hall at MSU for the door to open . At about 8pm ++ , the door open and we went in to the Chancellor Hall . 

Supposingly we were supposed to sit behind as i won the general pass , but we get to sit in front at the VIP pass place as there are very few VIP pass people that turn up . Lucky us . 

The emcee for the night was Hafiz from Fly FM .

The event start with a dance performance by Katoon Network.

They really can dance . Their breakdance and hip hop was awesome .

Next is the performance by Once Upon A Time There's a Sausage Named Bob.

They performed the song for Grim Film "Long Distance Relationship" , Cupid's Fall and few other nice song , they can really sing . They sing well .

Then Esty , the lead singer of Once Upon A Time There's A Sausage Named Bob invite JR Aquino and Andrew Garcia out to the stage.

They sang few nice song . Andrew Garcia and JR Aquino vocal is super powerful . They are real talented. 

Then , Andrew Garcia sang few song . His voice was super awesome! 

Next , Victor Kim came out to the stage and perform few nice song. He can dance very good . But he was injured that day , so he can't dance . But his song already melt us . 

Next is the performance by Tedd Chan . He perform few nice song.

Then , JR Aquino perform a song with Tedd Chan

Next is performance by JR Aquino. He perform few nice song 

Lastly , it was the Q & A session. 

Overall, it was an awesome event. Andrew Garcia , Victor Kim and JR Aquino vocal and singing melt all of us. They are so talented. They are awesome.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Hmm, this looks a bit boring to me

  2. Not bad not bad, but I don't really know those Youtube icon. I think I have to go check them out ady. =D

  3. Kelvin Tan : No , the event really very interesting ! haha =D

    Nick Chan : Thanks for visit my blog . Yeap , go check them out ! They are talented ! =D