Saturday, 29 December 2012

My 2012 Resolution , achieved ?

Time flies , 2012 is going to end in another 2 day . So, let see whether i achieved my 2012 resolution or not . 

#1 Study hard and pass and get good result for my final year.  ( Pass my final year subject and get good result that i satisfied )

#2 Manage and success to find an Intern position for myself , i need to intern ! ( Intern at McCann Erickson on July 2012 - September 2012 )

#3 Complete my Marketing Communication degree course and Graduate ! ( Finish my Marketing Communication degree on 12 December 2012 )

#4 Blog more interesting stuff and share with everyone. Sharing is caring ! ( Blog quite a number of interesting post . )

#5 Want everyone to be happy ,  healthy and safe. ( Everyone is happy , healthy and safe )

#6 Travel to other country ( Never travel to other country this year , other state got la )

#7 Help more people as much as i can afford to. ( Do a lot of charity this year and help a lot people . )

#8 Know more new friend , i enjoy meeting new people. ( Know a lot of new friend and met a lot new people this year. )

#9 Exercise more ( Didn't really exercise much this year )

#10 Earn more money. ( did not earn money this year as no time to work part time on final year)

#11 Sleep earlier. ( Stay late at night almost everyday to finish up assignment and study for test)

#12 Enjoy my life to the maximum and leave no regret. ( Enjoy my life and live with no regret )

Okay , so i successful to complete 8 out of 12 resolution for 2012 . I shall start to sleep earlier , exercise more , work and earn more money , and travel to another country next year . 2012 had been a wonderful year for me . Hope 2013 will be another better year for me . 

Thanks for reading ! 


  1. great job jayren! at least u get 8/10 weyy! keep it up and happy new year in advance yeah! :D

  2. Xue Ren : haha , yeap ! Thanks ! All the best for your future undertaking ya ! Happy new year in advance to you too ! =D

  3. Not bad man, you did achieve most of them and keep on working on them next year! Cheer!!!

  4. woo! u achieve so many of them! good for u! may u have a better year! :D

  5. Nick : Yeap , thanks ! =D

    Camy : Thanks ! You too , may you have a wonderful year ! =D

  6. Happy New Year and year 2013 hope you achieve it all..