Friday, 28 December 2012

One day trip to Malacca 20/12/2012

Thanks to Liki for inviting me to join her , her boyfriend , and her friend go to Malacca on 20 December 2012 . I am so excited as it had been long time i had never went to Malacca , the last time i went there is on 2010. 

So on last Thursday, 20 December 2012 , after i fetch Liki's friend , Dulcie , off we go to Liki's house to meet up with Liki . At 8.10AM after fetch Liki's boyfriend , Brynn , we start our journey to Malacca . 

At 10.10AM , we reach Malacca . We are lucky enough to found a parking at Jonker Street . After we park our car , we went to eat our brunch , Malacca Chicken Rice Ball at Kedai Kopi Chung Wah . 

Kedai Kopi Chung Wah is one of the old coffee shop at Jonker Street , thus their chicken rice ball and chicken rice is one of the best . 5 chicken rice ball is just nice for me , the chicken rice ball is tight and will not easily break and it was delicious . The chicken given is quite big portion which is good as we were all hungry that time . The traditional hainanese chicken is soft and with some garlic , the chicken was super tasty and nice. As we are there early , we are lucky that we does not need to queue up . So , be early if you does not want to queue up . 

After our brunch , we decided to walk to the historical building. 

Pass by the Sungai Melaka

Saw an unique christmas tree

Me , Liki , and Brynn at Dutch Windmill

We went to Christ Church first .

Me and Dulcie at Christ Church 

Next , we walk to St. Paul's Church.

Brynn, me and Dulcie at St Paul's Church

Then , we walk down to Fort A'Famosa.

Me and Dulcie at Fort A'Famosa

Then, we walk around the Malacca town.

Saw some trishaw ,but we did not ride though , RM20 for 1 round, super con man.

Old Train in Malacca

The old firetruck

Next , we walk back to Jonker Street to eat cendol at Jonker 88.

Liki and Brynn's  Baba Cendol ( Photo credit to Liki )

 My Sago Malacca Cendol

Dulcie's Eight Precious Cendol

After walking around , the cendol was nice to quench our thirst . The cendol was delicious , my sago malacca cendol was full of gula melaka which was super tasty.

After we ate the cendol , we went to the Taman Warisan Dunia Jonker Walk which was just beside Jonker 88.

I'm not muscular enough. 

Next , we went to the Old Dutch house.

Pass by this huge Chee's Mansion 

Me at old Dutch House 

We proceed to Baba and Nyonya Heritage house . No photo as we can't take photo there . 

After we finish visit Baba and Nyonya Heritage house , we went to eat our tea time as we were hungry . We wanted to go to Restoran Peranakan but they were close . Thus , we went to Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant instead.

My Nyonya Mee Goreng

Dulcie's Hokkien Mee 

Liki's Nyonya Laksa . Brynn eat the same thing also.

The food at Kocik itchen Nyonya Restaurant was delicious , and every thing was home cook . 

After the tea time , it was the time to shop for souvenir . So , we walk around Jonker street to buy souvenir . 

Me at Jonker Street

Bought this and 2 magnet from Jonker Street

After we finish buying all the stuff we want to buy , off we go to have our dinner . We wanted to go to Capitol Satay Celup , but it was closed that day . Thus i call my friend from Malacca , Magdeline . And she suggest to us to go to Ban Lee Siang . Thus , we drove to Ban Lee Siang for Satay Celup for dinner. 

It was my first time trying Satay Celup . The satay sauce was really delicious . Other than that , the food is just normal , like lok lok and steamboat . 

After our dinner , we went to Menara Taming Sari.

We were at this high.

Can see whole Malacca town from top

Lastly , we went to our last destination which was Nadeje for their mille crepe cake . 

My Mango Yogurt mille crepe cake , Liki and Brynn Tiramisu mille crepe cake , and Dulcie Strawberry mille crepe cake

At 9.30pm , we drove back to K.L . We reach K.L at 11.30pm. 

Overall , it was an awesome one day road trip . There was no traffic jam , perfect weather , no queue for food , and less people . I enjoy it a lot. Can't wait for the next road trip. 

Thanks for reading !


  1. Hahhaa..what a small world! I know Dulcie from my friend's sis xD

  2. Chuen : haha , the world is super small indeed . =D

  3. Have been to Malacca for so many times but still never try the Chung Wah chicken rice because there's always a long queue in front of the shop!!!!

    By the way, is it worth to sit the Menara Taming Sari? How much is it?

  4. Nick : You must gotry Chung Wah . Yes , it is worth , you can see whole Malacca from top , go at night , just RM 10 . =D