Sunday, 22 December 2013

Being a Santa for the 5th year

 I went to Leisure Mall to buy Christmas present for the Orphans on 21 December 2013. It is an event held by Leisure Mall every year for public to buy present for the orphans. I had participate since 2009. This year is the 5th year i participate in the event.

Just with few step , we can make a child smile . What they wish for is not expensive thing. All the thing they wish for is cheap and affordable . 

There's a wish tree with a lot of tag that written what each of the orphan want . Just choose one and buy the present for the orphan. This year , i choose to buy a board games which are a present that a 15 years old boy wanted for his Christmas. 

There are a lot of shop available at Leisure Mall , so there will be no problem to find te present that the orphan want. I bought the board games at Popular . After i wrap it , i just bring it to the present box prepared by Leisure Mall, drop it into the box , and it's done ! 

The event will be at Leisure Mall until 25th December 2013. Leisure Mall Management will give out the present to the orphan on 29th December 2013. Just 3 more day left, faster go buy a Christmas present to the orphan and make them smile this Christmas! 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

It's the last month of the year again

Yes , time flies , it is the last month of the year again . Can't believe that it had been almost a year i didn't blog . So now i shall sum up what i had been doing in this year .

I unofficially graduated on 12 December 2012. After attending a lot of interview , i finally accept a job offer and start work on 14 January 2013. I glad that i found a job that related to what i study . I work at an advertising agency at Cheras and work as and account executive / client servicing . My job field is to service client and prepare design brief for designer and handle a project. Working life was fun , i met a lot of friendly colleague and client .

On february , it was  Chinese New Year. I did not went back to hometown . I spend the entire chinese new year at K.L . As usual , every year , i will meet up with my secondary classmates and have a house to house visit , it was a tradition for us after we graduate from secondary school .

Really can't wait for next year Chinese New Year House to house visit. 

On 21st April 2013 , i officially graduated. 

On June 2013, i went for my first company trip at Pangkor Laut Resort. 

On September 2013 , i resigned and found a new job . Reason being is there are some management problem and i feel that i am no longer happy working at my first company , i does not feel the job satisfaction every day . I just feel that i am a robot that go to work every day . I work as marketing executive at a well known jewellery company at Bangsar. 

On November 2013 , i join Nuffnang Food Festival. 

This month , December is the festive season . Christmas is coming. It is a season of giving . I will be going to Leisure Mall again this month to be the santa for the 5th year to give present to the orphan . Oh yea, it was also my month .  I make a daring move to cut my hair . It was my shortest hair ever. 

My initial hairstyle is this as below : 

to this hairstyle as below : 

I guess that sums up 2013 for me . Another month to working for a year . And another 9 days to my quarter life . An early Merry Christmas to everyone ! 

Till my next post , have a nice day everyone ! 

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just Be Yourself

Living in this cruel and reality world , life tend to be so complicated sometime. Everyday what we wear , what we do will always be compared , you can't run away from it .We are like wearing an invisible mask everyday. We wear a mask when we go out on the morning , and wear another mask when we reach home at night. We also will be judged , being look in different way , and being look down . You can either live with it or prove them wrong . What if i say , just be yourself , just do what you want , what you like , we really does not need to care about what people think about us, simply because we are who we are . We are limited edition , there's no two person with the same identity , attitude or personality . There only might have similarity between people . Everyone of us is special because we are the only one . 

So, why care so much , just be yourself , but of course do the right thing , not wrong thing. Life is much easier if we be ourself . You can be yourself to make the best out of you . Only you can answer yourself , only you yourself can realize your dream , and only you yourself know what you really want . You are the main character of your life, so why not just be yourself and write a beautiful story of your life all by yourself .

It is hard to be natural , but easy to be fake . But to be natural shows your sincerity and originality , and to be fake shows that you are just another similar person , a prototype of another person . You just need a little bit effort and energy to be natural , but you need a lot of effort and energy to pretend to be a person . Be who you are and say what you feel , because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Be what you are to be a better you . Be control of yourself , your destiny , you are the pen which write your own story of your life. Life is a drama , so just play your part well , and make it a beautiful script .

Don't be a people-pleaser to get everyone's love and respect. But instead , filter what other people say , be confident in yourself and be you yourself . There are are always one in a million that truly appreciate you for who you are . Remember , it's always about quality , not quantity . Numbers doesn't matter , but are the people who matters. If you want people to love and respect you , love and respect them back . Everyone you meet in your life is part of your story , whether they are passerby , stranger , or friend , they played a part in your life , they are the person that contribute and help to make you who you are today .

Be yourself , shine yourself , stand out from others . Being different is beautiful , it's a way to attract people to you . Don't change yourself , instead improve yourself . Being yourself and have confidence make you even more beautiful . You are the one who create your beauty with your attitude , behavior and action . It's all up to you . It's all about you , yourself.

Be yourself , love yourself more , you are wonderful , you are the best. It's your life , make the most out of it . Be the one and only YOU !

Thanks for reading !

Sincerely ,

The one and only ME

Be a Better Me

Alright , i'm here to share something with you all . I am here to sharing my positive spirit with you all . Hope i can somehow make you become more positive . I had been always want to blog about being positive. I mean , a lot of people had been asking me how can i be so positive always . To be honest with you all , i used to be a shy person , a person that not brave and always look down on myself , and a person who can be negative at times . But i guess after gone through a tough life ( those who know me will know how tough my life are ) , i had tried to see thing in different way . I mean , there's always a lot of way to see things . 

As long as we dare to try , everything is possible . You see , we all have choice , either to be happy or sad , so why not choose to be happy over sad . There's no point being sad , because seriously nobody care whether you are sad or not . Of course , you can always post at the social network and emo , but that only will make people saying you just want some attention, and people may also avoid you , because who want to have a emo friend . But being happy is different , when you are happy , you will spread the happiness to others as well . People will also see you as a friendly person and a person that easy to be approach. I mean , what is better than to see other people smile . 

Just learn to smile even you are sad or in a bad mood . You can always watch some comedy , listen to music and do something you like to make yourself happy . Turn the negative spirit to positive spirit and you will definitely see how beautiful life is . Of course , i can be emo also sometimes , what i do is sleep it off , and believe that i will be happy again when i wake up on the next day . Always believe that when a door is close , another door will open . Also believe that good thing will come after a bad thing happen . Because rainbow will only appear after the rain. When you fall down , climb up again and learn to walk again from the place you fall down . Just tell yourself when you face a bad day  that tomorrow will be a better day. Learn from mistake and be tough . 

Being positive is important , it will make you feel that everything you do is so smooth , it's like a lucky charm , you will feel so lucky because when you are positive , you will believe that you can do everything as you believe yourself that you can do it . 

When life gives you a lemon , squash it and make a delicious lemon juice and enjoy it . Or sell the lemon and get some money . No point throw away the valuable lemon when you can make use of it . 

I promise myself to be a better me and be a more positive person , and also help to make other people to be positive as well . So , people , try to be positive . There's no harm trying . Maybe you will like your life even better when you be more positive. 

Okay , this post is my personal thought , if this post offended you in any way , i am sorry . Hope it inspired you though . 

Smile ! It's a gift , don't waste it ! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Best Regards,

Have a nice day people ! 

Friday, 4 January 2013

What i am looking forward in 2013 ?

Time flies ! Another year gone , it's 2013 now ! To be honest , i am still not used to 2013 yet , especially the writing date part . Anyway , here's are what i am looking forward in 2013.

1. Pass all my September 2012 subject . 

I hope that i pass all my final semester subject and graduate. Result coming out soon . *nervous*

2. Get my first permanent job.

I hope i get a job that i like with good salary soon . I can't wait to start work . 

3. Earn more money

I want to earn more money so that my mother can enjoy her life and no need to work so hard . I want to pay half of my family expenses at least.

4. A relationship

I am totally get over with my previous relationship . I had move on. I hope that i can have a new relationship. 

5. Sponsor a Child 

I always want to sponsor a child but can't afford to . I will definitely do it after i start work . Just spend a little money every month , and a child get to be happy and get good education. 

6. Start my five year planning

I will start my five year planning , will start to save money for my future marriage and family . Five year should be enough , and by that time i should be settled down . 

7. Meet more new people 

I want to meet more new people to widen my social circle and learn more from other people . I believe everyone have their own story that are inspiring , so i hope i can learn something from everyone i met . 

8. Appreciate all my friend 

I will never forget all my friend that care about me , and i always treasure and appreciate them. As i been neglecting some friend as i busy previously . So , i will ask my friend out more now to update each other . I will also help them if they need help . 

9. Treat my mother better.

My mother is the only closest person i have,I will definitely treat her better and love her more .

10. Buy a smartphone with my own money 

Yes , i still haven't own a smartphone yet. But i guess i will need it when i start work . So , i think i will use the money i earn after work to buy a smartphone. 

11. Don't eat fast food 

I actually had been avoiding to eat fast food as it is not good for health and it is fat . 

12. Sleep early 

Been sleeping late and it is not good for health , so i think i should start to sleep early.

13. Travel to another state or another country 

It is good to have a getaway trip sometime. 

So, these are the 13 thing that i look forward in 2013. 

Thanks for reading !