Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just Be Yourself

Living in this cruel and reality world , life tend to be so complicated sometime. Everyday what we wear , what we do will always be compared , you can't run away from it .We are like wearing an invisible mask everyday. We wear a mask when we go out on the morning , and wear another mask when we reach home at night. We also will be judged , being look in different way , and being look down . You can either live with it or prove them wrong . What if i say , just be yourself , just do what you want , what you like , we really does not need to care about what people think about us, simply because we are who we are . We are limited edition , there's no two person with the same identity , attitude or personality . There only might have similarity between people . Everyone of us is special because we are the only one . 

So, why care so much , just be yourself , but of course do the right thing , not wrong thing. Life is much easier if we be ourself . You can be yourself to make the best out of you . Only you can answer yourself , only you yourself can realize your dream , and only you yourself know what you really want . You are the main character of your life, so why not just be yourself and write a beautiful story of your life all by yourself .

It is hard to be natural , but easy to be fake . But to be natural shows your sincerity and originality , and to be fake shows that you are just another similar person , a prototype of another person . You just need a little bit effort and energy to be natural , but you need a lot of effort and energy to pretend to be a person . Be who you are and say what you feel , because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Be what you are to be a better you . Be control of yourself , your destiny , you are the pen which write your own story of your life. Life is a drama , so just play your part well , and make it a beautiful script .

Don't be a people-pleaser to get everyone's love and respect. But instead , filter what other people say , be confident in yourself and be you yourself . There are are always one in a million that truly appreciate you for who you are . Remember , it's always about quality , not quantity . Numbers doesn't matter , but are the people who matters. If you want people to love and respect you , love and respect them back . Everyone you meet in your life is part of your story , whether they are passerby , stranger , or friend , they played a part in your life , they are the person that contribute and help to make you who you are today .

Be yourself , shine yourself , stand out from others . Being different is beautiful , it's a way to attract people to you . Don't change yourself , instead improve yourself . Being yourself and have confidence make you even more beautiful . You are the one who create your beauty with your attitude , behavior and action . It's all up to you . It's all about you , yourself.

Be yourself , love yourself more , you are wonderful , you are the best. It's your life , make the most out of it . Be the one and only YOU !

Thanks for reading !

Sincerely ,

The one and only ME

Be a Better Me

Alright , i'm here to share something with you all . I am here to sharing my positive spirit with you all . Hope i can somehow make you become more positive . I had been always want to blog about being positive. I mean , a lot of people had been asking me how can i be so positive always . To be honest with you all , i used to be a shy person , a person that not brave and always look down on myself , and a person who can be negative at times . But i guess after gone through a tough life ( those who know me will know how tough my life are ) , i had tried to see thing in different way . I mean , there's always a lot of way to see things . 

As long as we dare to try , everything is possible . You see , we all have choice , either to be happy or sad , so why not choose to be happy over sad . There's no point being sad , because seriously nobody care whether you are sad or not . Of course , you can always post at the social network and emo , but that only will make people saying you just want some attention, and people may also avoid you , because who want to have a emo friend . But being happy is different , when you are happy , you will spread the happiness to others as well . People will also see you as a friendly person and a person that easy to be approach. I mean , what is better than to see other people smile . 

Just learn to smile even you are sad or in a bad mood . You can always watch some comedy , listen to music and do something you like to make yourself happy . Turn the negative spirit to positive spirit and you will definitely see how beautiful life is . Of course , i can be emo also sometimes , what i do is sleep it off , and believe that i will be happy again when i wake up on the next day . Always believe that when a door is close , another door will open . Also believe that good thing will come after a bad thing happen . Because rainbow will only appear after the rain. When you fall down , climb up again and learn to walk again from the place you fall down . Just tell yourself when you face a bad day  that tomorrow will be a better day. Learn from mistake and be tough . 

Being positive is important , it will make you feel that everything you do is so smooth , it's like a lucky charm , you will feel so lucky because when you are positive , you will believe that you can do everything as you believe yourself that you can do it . 

When life gives you a lemon , squash it and make a delicious lemon juice and enjoy it . Or sell the lemon and get some money . No point throw away the valuable lemon when you can make use of it . 

I promise myself to be a better me and be a more positive person , and also help to make other people to be positive as well . So , people , try to be positive . There's no harm trying . Maybe you will like your life even better when you be more positive. 

Okay , this post is my personal thought , if this post offended you in any way , i am sorry . Hope it inspired you though . 

Smile ! It's a gift , don't waste it ! 

Thanks for reading ! 

Best Regards,

Have a nice day people ! 

Friday, 4 January 2013

What i am looking forward in 2013 ?

Time flies ! Another year gone , it's 2013 now ! To be honest , i am still not used to 2013 yet , especially the writing date part . Anyway , here's are what i am looking forward in 2013.

1. Pass all my September 2012 subject . 

I hope that i pass all my final semester subject and graduate. Result coming out soon . *nervous*

2. Get my first permanent job.

I hope i get a job that i like with good salary soon . I can't wait to start work . 

3. Earn more money

I want to earn more money so that my mother can enjoy her life and no need to work so hard . I want to pay half of my family expenses at least.

4. A relationship

I am totally get over with my previous relationship . I had move on. I hope that i can have a new relationship. 

5. Sponsor a Child 

I always want to sponsor a child but can't afford to . I will definitely do it after i start work . Just spend a little money every month , and a child get to be happy and get good education. 

6. Start my five year planning

I will start my five year planning , will start to save money for my future marriage and family . Five year should be enough , and by that time i should be settled down . 

7. Meet more new people 

I want to meet more new people to widen my social circle and learn more from other people . I believe everyone have their own story that are inspiring , so i hope i can learn something from everyone i met . 

8. Appreciate all my friend 

I will never forget all my friend that care about me , and i always treasure and appreciate them. As i been neglecting some friend as i busy previously . So , i will ask my friend out more now to update each other . I will also help them if they need help . 

9. Treat my mother better.

My mother is the only closest person i have,I will definitely treat her better and love her more .

10. Buy a smartphone with my own money 

Yes , i still haven't own a smartphone yet. But i guess i will need it when i start work . So , i think i will use the money i earn after work to buy a smartphone. 

11. Don't eat fast food 

I actually had been avoiding to eat fast food as it is not good for health and it is fat . 

12. Sleep early 

Been sleeping late and it is not good for health , so i think i should start to sleep early.

13. Travel to another state or another country 

It is good to have a getaway trip sometime. 

So, these are the 13 thing that i look forward in 2013. 

Thanks for reading !