Thursday, 10 January 2013

Just Be Yourself

Living in this cruel and reality world , life tend to be so complicated sometime. Everyday what we wear , what we do will always be compared , you can't run away from it .We are like wearing an invisible mask everyday. We wear a mask when we go out on the morning , and wear another mask when we reach home at night. We also will be judged , being look in different way , and being look down . You can either live with it or prove them wrong . What if i say , just be yourself , just do what you want , what you like , we really does not need to care about what people think about us, simply because we are who we are . We are limited edition , there's no two person with the same identity , attitude or personality . There only might have similarity between people . Everyone of us is special because we are the only one . 

So, why care so much , just be yourself , but of course do the right thing , not wrong thing. Life is much easier if we be ourself . You can be yourself to make the best out of you . Only you can answer yourself , only you yourself can realize your dream , and only you yourself know what you really want . You are the main character of your life, so why not just be yourself and write a beautiful story of your life all by yourself .

It is hard to be natural , but easy to be fake . But to be natural shows your sincerity and originality , and to be fake shows that you are just another similar person , a prototype of another person . You just need a little bit effort and energy to be natural , but you need a lot of effort and energy to pretend to be a person . Be who you are and say what you feel , because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Be what you are to be a better you . Be control of yourself , your destiny , you are the pen which write your own story of your life. Life is a drama , so just play your part well , and make it a beautiful script .

Don't be a people-pleaser to get everyone's love and respect. But instead , filter what other people say , be confident in yourself and be you yourself . There are are always one in a million that truly appreciate you for who you are . Remember , it's always about quality , not quantity . Numbers doesn't matter , but are the people who matters. If you want people to love and respect you , love and respect them back . Everyone you meet in your life is part of your story , whether they are passerby , stranger , or friend , they played a part in your life , they are the person that contribute and help to make you who you are today .

Be yourself , shine yourself , stand out from others . Being different is beautiful , it's a way to attract people to you . Don't change yourself , instead improve yourself . Being yourself and have confidence make you even more beautiful . You are the one who create your beauty with your attitude , behavior and action . It's all up to you . It's all about you , yourself.

Be yourself , love yourself more , you are wonderful , you are the best. It's your life , make the most out of it . Be the one and only YOU !

Thanks for reading !

Sincerely ,

The one and only ME


  1. The biggest challenge is of course telling yourself not to care so much of what other people think. LOL

  2. agreed with Kelvin, in the end i failed in doing that. LOL!

  3. Kelvin and Xue Ren : Just try ,it need time i guess . =D

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