Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Melbourne Day 1 - 3rd May 2016

Hello everyone, my blog is back online again finally after 3 years.

Back to the topic, i went to Melbourne with my mother on 3rd of May.

We took Airasia X to Melbourne. The flight time from KL to Melbourne is 8 hours. Luckily i downloaded few addictive game to play in the plane during the flight, if not i will be terribly boring.


By the time we reach Melbourne, it was already 8pm local time. We took a taxi to my mother's friend apartment at Berkeley street. 

After put down the luggage, we walk to the tram station and took a free tram to Viva Kebabs at Flinder's street for dinner. 

                                                         Photo credit to Yelp Australia

Weather at Melbourne was quite cooling as it is autumn at there. Day is long and night is short during autumn. 

Anyway, the queue was quite long at Viva Kebabs, we order the chicken kebab and we waited for a while for them to make our kebabs. But delicious food is worth the wait.  

                                                       Photo credit to Yelp Australia

Anyway, while waiting, we saw some locals order the HSC,Viva Kebabs House special. The portion for HSC is very big with lots of kebab and wedges + fries below the kebab. 

The Kebab is crispy, just that the portion is too big for 1 person. 

Went back to my mother's friend apartment by tram after the satisfying and delicious dinner. 

Rest a while for the food to digest , then went to sleep. 

-End of Melbourne day 1- 

-To be continue- 

-Stay tune for Melbourne Day 2 blog post on tomorrow-

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