Saturday, 31 March 2018

Lee Chong Wei The Movie

Lee Chong Wei The Movie is an inspiring movie. 

The movie tells the life of Lee Chong Wei from when he is small and his father does not allowed him to play badminton, to how he being trained at Bukit Mertajam, to how he manage to join BAM and to how he become world number 1 and win Lin Dan. 

The lesson i learn from the movie is: 

1. Be a team player, but not just a winner or champion.

2. Be determined and never give up when you want to achieve something.

 3. Don't pressure yourself too much, you can do it.

4. Life is not just about winning. 

5. The road to success is long and not easy, so be persevere. 

6. Everyone have their own timing in life to be success.

7. Don't let anyone affect you, believe in yourself.

8. When you lose your passion, find it back just like how you start it. 

9. Don't ever find excuse to give up, because you are the only excuse to give up.

10. Don't lose hope, there will be someone that have hope on you. 

Until the next post, bye. 

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Dining Experience with Celebrity at Nam Heong Ipoh Damen USJ

Wow, can't believe that i have a chance to dine with celebrity.

We dine at Nam Heong Ipoh Damen USJ.

It is definitely a very good experience.

After you are seated, you can start order the food you want to eat using an IPAD, very high-tech. 

After you finish order food and drink, just be patience and wait for a while, the celebrity will come and join you. 

You really thought is the real celebrity, don't you? But no, you are wrong, this restaurant waitress is robot by the name of the celebrity. She will serve you food. This is the future waitress, the robot era, very cool. She can talk too, in Cantonese language. 

We order the egg tart as the appetizer. 

The egg tart is really tasty and crispy, 蛋很滑,
挞很脆口,recommended to try if you eat at this restaurant. 

Of course, the main dish for this restaurant is Chicken rice. 

The chicken rice with keropok, nothing to shout about this. 

The roast pork and char siew is a bit more to the fat side, i prefer mixture of lean and fat roast pork and Char Siew. But the meat is juicy, 爽口.

The price for the food is around RM 11 - RM 16 , and the price for the drink is around RM 4 - RM 10. 

You can go and try the food there. After all, is not every day you get to be served by "celebrity".

Thank you for reading. See you all soon.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Importance of water

Water is the most important substances on Earth. 

We need water for daily life. 

We definitely need to reflect back on how important water is when there are no water supply on these few days in some of the area in Selangor.

Without water, we can't cook, we can't bath. 

We will also need to think twice if we want to go to the toilet. 

I had experience the not going to toilet part as my office area does not have water these few days. 

When eating, i also need to think of what to eat, but luckily the restaurant do keep some water. 

According to SYABAS, the water supply will resume back on tomorrow. Hopefully, water supply really resume back on tomorrow, 11 March. 

So lesson learned, do appreciate the water, don't waste it. 

We always only start to appreciate something when we lost it. 

Also, teach you a great way to bath and wash things when there's no water supply, just use mineral water will do. So, do remember to always stock up the mineral water. 

This month i will be writing lesser at my blog here as it is a peak month for my current job. But i will try to write when i can. 

Until then, Sayounara. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Movie Sharing - A Beautiful Moment 我的情敌女婿

What if your girlfriend's mother is your ex-lover? That's exactly the main story for the movie, A Beautiful Moment 我的情敌女婿.

Photo taken from GSC website

This is a comedy, romance, action, scary, gambling and most importantly a Chinese New Year movie. 

Acted by a lot of famous Hong Kong Artist like Michelle Wai, Simon Yam, Joey Yung, 谢贤,方力申,唐诗咏, 刘嘉玲 and many more.

The movie is funny and have meaning. So for me the movie is worth to watch.

There's a few learning point from this movie. 

1. Your enemy can be your friend

2. Stay away from toxic relationship is better

3. Age is just a number. Maturity's what really matters in a 

4. Be yourself. Don't let others and the environment to 
     change you

5.Love yourself

6.Fighting and competition will never end, so why not 
    collaborate and work together for a better future

7. The world is round and the place which may seem like the 
     end may also be only the beginning

8. Everyone should be treated equally. 

9. Whatever you think of, others can think of the same too

10. Laughing is, and will always be, the best form of therapy

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Personal Sharing: Education

Time really flies. Is March already. 

Anyway, back to my topic today, Education. 

What is education to you?

For me, education is a process of life that everyone go through in their life.

📸 credit to BrainyQuote

In Malaysia, we start study since 5 years old up until at least 16 or 17 years old. From Kindergarten up to high school. That's 12 years of study either at government school or private school where the education syllabus is fixed. 

Of course, after high school education, most of the student will continue with tertiary education.

But what to study after high school is always a question mark.

Being an education counselor for almost 3 and half years,i'm glad that i had guide a lot of high school leaver to choose a correct pathway, a pathway that lead them to success. 

My success is when the student or the student's parent look for me and share with me about their achievement. 

Choosing a tertiary education is not easy, you may want to study a course that you like, but if you did not meet the entry requirement or don't like a certain subject that is a prerequisite for that course, is better for you to not taking that course. Why struggle? Can do and like to do is two totally different thing. 

But you choose your future, thus choose your own course and don't let other decide for you on what course to study. 

Education is not necessarily a necessity but is definitely a pathway that teach you skill like teamwork, communication, critical thinking, and creativity. 

Also, education enhance your employability, you study so that you can get a good job right? 

📸 credit to BrainyQuote

By the way, this month is the month that SPM result will be release, good luck for all the student who took SPM on last year, 2017, hope you all score with a good result. 

You are welcome to contact me if you need any tertiary education advice, is for free. I do hope that i can guide more people with the knowledge i gained. 

This month will be a busy month for me and all others working in education industry. 

Until the next post, Au revoir.