Thursday, 22 March 2018

Dining Experience with Celebrity at Nam Heong Ipoh Damen USJ

Wow, can't believe that i have a chance to dine with celebrity.

We dine at Nam Heong Ipoh Damen USJ.

It is definitely a very good experience.

After you are seated, you can start order the food you want to eat using an IPAD, very high-tech. 

After you finish order food and drink, just be patience and wait for a while, the celebrity will come and join you. 

You really thought is the real celebrity, don't you? But no, you are wrong, this restaurant waitress is robot by the name of the celebrity. She will serve you food. This is the future waitress, the robot era, very cool. She can talk too, in Cantonese language. 

We order the egg tart as the appetizer. 

The egg tart is really tasty and crispy, 蛋很滑,
挞很脆口,recommended to try if you eat at this restaurant. 

Of course, the main dish for this restaurant is Chicken rice. 

The chicken rice with keropok, nothing to shout about this. 

The roast pork and char siew is a bit more to the fat side, i prefer mixture of lean and fat roast pork and Char Siew. But the meat is juicy, 爽口.

The price for the food is around RM 11 - RM 16 , and the price for the drink is around RM 4 - RM 10. 

You can go and try the food there. After all, is not every day you get to be served by "celebrity".

Thank you for reading. See you all soon.


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