Saturday, 31 March 2018

Lee Chong Wei The Movie

Lee Chong Wei The Movie is an inspiring movie. 

The movie tells the life of Lee Chong Wei from when he is small and his father does not allowed him to play badminton, to how he being trained at Bukit Mertajam, to how he manage to join BAM and to how he become world number 1 and win Lin Dan. 

The lesson i learn from the movie is: 

1. Be a team player, but not just a winner or champion.

2. Be determined and never give up when you want to achieve something.

 3. Don't pressure yourself too much, you can do it.

4. Life is not just about winning. 

5. The road to success is long and not easy, so be persevere. 

6. Everyone have their own timing in life to be success.

7. Don't let anyone affect you, believe in yourself.

8. When you lose your passion, find it back just like how you start it. 

9. Don't ever find excuse to give up, because you are the only excuse to give up.

10. Don't lose hope, there will be someone that have hope on you. 

Until the next post, bye. 


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