Saturday, 10 March 2018

The Importance of water

Water is the most important substances on Earth. 

We need water for daily life. 

We definitely need to reflect back on how important water is when there are no water supply on these few days in some of the area in Selangor.

Without water, we can't cook, we can't bath. 

We will also need to think twice if we want to go to the toilet. 

I had experience the not going to toilet part as my office area does not have water these few days. 

When eating, i also need to think of what to eat, but luckily the restaurant do keep some water. 

According to SYABAS, the water supply will resume back on tomorrow. Hopefully, water supply really resume back on tomorrow, 11 March. 

So lesson learned, do appreciate the water, don't waste it. 

We always only start to appreciate something when we lost it. 

Also, teach you a great way to bath and wash things when there's no water supply, just use mineral water will do. So, do remember to always stock up the mineral water. 

This month i will be writing lesser at my blog here as it is a peak month for my current job. But i will try to write when i can. 

Until then, Sayounara. 


  1. There's no rigid guideline, and numerous people meet their day by day hydration needs by just drinking water when they're parched, as indicated by a report on supplement recommendations from the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. Truth be told, the vast majority who are in acceptable physical well being get enough liquids by drinking water and other refreshments when they're parched, and likewise by drinking a drink with every one of their dinners, as per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you don't know about your hydration level, take a gander at your pee. If it's unmistakable, you're fit as a fiddle. If it's dull, you're presumably dried out.
    1. Water boots vitality. Water conveys significant supplements to the entirety of our cells, particularly muscle cells, postponing muscle exhaustion.

    2. Water helps weight reduction. Water causes you feel full longer, without including any additional calories. Drinking water or eating nourishment with a high water content can be a major assistance in dealing with your weight.

    3. Water helps in digestion. Water helps in constipation and other abdominal issues, particularly those experiencing IBS. Water moves the stomach related process along and through the framework.

    4. Water detoxifies. Moves toxins through your framework quicker, and streamlines kidney function. Deficient hydration implies lacking kidney function.

    5. Water hydrates skin. Forget costly creams and fix alls, water is the best safeguard against maturing and wrinkles in the skin.

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