Thursday, 20 February 2020

2020 - A new decade

2020, a brand new decade, and i'm still here at this space writing a blog post. 
This is my uncountable attempt to update my blog. 
Been trying to update this space, but yet is always failed. 
Being a bit of perfectionist in me, i tend to be very cautious on the word i use, thinking too much on what topic that i should write etc. 
But to think back, who actually cares about what i write. 
For me, this is a space for me to jot down my thought, and also an online diary that i can look back always. 
I'm not here to impress anyone. 
So, this time round, i will just write down what i want to write. 
I will not care so much. 
Read it or leave it. 
Is my life by the way. YOLO. 

Looking back, it seems to be that i will always update my blog every 2 years. 
My last post was April 2018. 
And then i stop blogging. 

I can't promise how frequent that i will update this space, probably will update when i feel so. 
Not making this a commitment, but making it as a casual writing space. 
After all, writing is still the best way to express oneself, at least to me. 

Just a random post today. 
Not going to make it longer.

Anyway, have a great 200220! lots of deals around. 

Not promoting, but this one seems to be a good deal. 

A random photo of the recent me that i look so good in the photo. 

Probably a travel post next. Stay tuned!