Thursday, 12 November 2020

Miri, Sarawak (October 2019)

On last year, 2019 Deepavali break on October, me and my secondary school best friend, Ryan spontaneously decided to fly to Miri, Sarawak for a getaway. 

We have a best friend, Joven who work there, so he bring us around for this trip. 

Off we go, shall we! 

I miss this window and this scenery a lot! Hope that we can travel soon. 

We reach Miri! On the way to the town for food.

First stop after lunch, we went to the Grand Old Lady, on top of Canada Hill. 

The Grand Old Lady is Miri first drilled oil well in the country.

Anyway, the hill top overlook the Miri City and South China Sea, the view is really breathtaking! 

Second stop, we went to a beach. 

My mother hometown is at a kampung called Kuala Besut at Kelantan, and is just beside the South China Sea. Since young, when I'm back to my mother hometown, I always like to walk around the beach nearby there. That's why I love beach. I enjoy listening to the tide wave sound, it really calm me down a lot. 

Next, is dinner time!

Just a simple dinner, but I love the Sayur Midin, is a popular vegetable in Sarawak. 

Day 1 ended after dinner. 

Day 2 is an exciting day, it was the highlight of the trip, Gua Niah. 

But first, Breakfast! 

Dayum! I miss this bowl of hearty Sarawak Laksa. 

After breakfast, Gua Niah, let's go!

Feel so good to be back to the nature!

First cave, Trader's cave. 

Second cave, Painted cave.

Greenery, so nice! 

It takes few hours to hike in and out of Gua Niah, it certainly not an easy hike, there's lot of step of stairs. But we conquer it. It was so worth it to be back to the nature and finally get to see the oldest and biggest cave that I always learn from history book during my secondary school times. 

After an exciting hike, we went for a satisfied lunch nearby. 

This river prawn is so fresh! Looking at it makes me craving for it. 

Destination after lunch was Tusan beach. 

The famous "Horse Head Drinking Water" rock formation at Tusan Beach. Glad that we went there last year. It collapsed on this year February 2020. 

We went to see the huge sea horse statue at Miri Waterfront. 

Sitting by the beach to wait for sunset, so mesmerising!

Next is the highlight meal of the trip, Seafood dinner! 

The prawn, the squid taste so fresh and delicious! Satisfied dinner indeed!

Day 2 end after dinner. 

Last day, day 3 of the trip is free and easy, as we took a flight back in the afternoon. 

Start the day with my favourite Sarawak Kolo Mee! 

Went to walk around the park nearby our hotel after breakfast to catch Pokemon as both of us play 
Pokemon Go! haha.

After that, we went to eat another bowl of Sarawak Laksa before flying back to KL. 

I can eat this every day seriously, so delicious!

This 3 days 2 night Miri trip is really an enjoyable trip. Glad that we make it to this trip last year. This year will need to spend the Deepavali break at home. Stay safe everyone and take care! hopefully, we can travel soon. 

If you never been to Miri, Sarawak, maybe you can consider to plan a trip there after this pandemic.It sure will be a fun trip!

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